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December 2009

We’ve got the goods. Want to know what the most innovative new products were this year? Then look no further than our annual Editors’ Choice awards. We bring you the latest and greatest products for your dog.

Gift guide for your dog. If your pooch has played nice all year, she deserves a present. Check out these doggie gifts she’s sure to drool over — and on.

Furry workers. We know dogs can do a lot of amazing things, and we profile three dogs who prove it. Learn about their important
jobs: what they do, how they help, and how we benefit.

Rub-a-dub-dub. If you’ve ever dealt with a water-phobic dog, you know that bath time can be a disaster. One writer shares her dog’s bathing experience with a groomer and offers you a few tub tips.

Heading down south. Canine Traveler spices things up with a visit to Chile.

Meet the patient Great Pyrenees, the inquisitive Silky Terrier, and the loyal Norwegian Lundehund.

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