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Doggie dental care. Many owners underestimate the importance of keeping their canine’s chompers in great shape. That’s why we have the lowdown on the latest innovations in the dental field. Learn about new cleaning methods, products, and treatments to help protect your pup’s pearly whites.

A little therapy. You’ve probably heard about the many services dogs perform, but therapy dogs are a special sort of helper. Learn more about these wonderful dogs — and don’t be surprised if you find yourself inspired.

Rub-a-dub-dub. If you’ve ever dealt with a water-phobic dog, you know that bath time can be a disaster. One writer shares her dog’s bathing experience with a groomer and offers you a few tips for other grooming tasks.

My Doggie Valentine. We asked you to tell us about your doggie love. Check out the winners of our Doggie Valentine contest, and find out what makes them a perfect pair.

Natural Dog returns. Our popular flipside is back with the latest on the green scene. Learn about holistic immune boosters, tips to keep your dog naturally healthy, holistic care, plus products and news.

Meet the graceful Poodle, the courageous Mastiff, and the lively Smooth Fox Terrier.

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