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October 2009

What kind of dog is this? We asked you to guess the breeds in three mixed-breed dogs. Now that we’ve got the results of their genetic breed tests, we’ll reveal the winner. Hundreds guessed, but who guessed right? Prepare to be surprised! 
Rescue me. What does it take to get a rescued dog to his new home across the country? Follow one dog’s journey through an extensive network of rescue volunteers and their “overground railroad.”

Leading a stray. So you’re going about your day when you happen upon a lonely dog — no leash, no owner. What do you do? We’ll tell you the best ways to handle a stray dog, who to contact, and how to care for her.

Meet the breeds. The American Kennel Club will showcase its many breeds in a special event open to the public in New York in October. With more than 160 dog breeds, 41 cat breeds from the Cat Fanciers Association, and various demonstrations, animal lovers won’t want to miss it.

Meet the dependable Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the gentle Vizsla,  and the curious Schipperke.

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