'Ouch, Ooh, Aah...'

Take your arthritic dog from pain to comfort.


Annie was slowly declining. The 11-year-old Portuguese Water Dog was reluctant to jump up on the couch and bed, walked stiffly, and sometimes fell on the stairs, recalls owner Terry Matlen of Birmingham, Mich. Annie's problem? Like many older dogs, Annie had arthritis.

'Bad joints'
Also known as degenerative joint disease, arthritis is progressive inflammation of joint cartilage, caused by aging or damage to the cartilage.

The signs of arthritis are usually subtle at first. Your dog moves a little slower and becomes less active. Owners often dismiss those signs as "old age." As the disease progresses, the joint continues to deteriorate, becoming increasingly painful and stiff. Your dog may have trouble getting up or standing. He might walk stiffly or with an intermittent or persistent limp.

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