Runaway Dogs

Learn how to make your dog return to you with these tips.


Dogs running away
It happens: a slipped collar or broken leash — if your dog breaks away from you, stay calm. A panicked voice can freak her out and an angry tone may scare her. Give chase and she’ll run faster thinking it’s a game.

Instead, clap your hands, whistle, say “treats,” anything that gains her attention, then try one or more of these tips.

  • Run the opposite way or walk indirectly toward her as you happily call her and wave a real or imaginary treat or toy.

  • Kneel to seem less intimidating or lie down on the ground to arouse her curiosity.

  • Use her training; the trained dog may not come out of surprise at her unexpected freedom, but might sit or down on command and allow your approach.

  • If parked away from traffic, open your car door and cue her to jump inside.

Put anger aside, praise lavishly once you get her, and plan to seriously work on recalls.


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Godwin   Nigeria, International

12/28/2013 1:33:06 PM

My 9months old mixed German shepherd always come to me when i call it. I might use the words like: stop there, dont move, sit down there and immediately it will stop.... But my 5months caucasian do sometimes but not always

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Madeline   a city, International

1/22/2013 11:01:44 AM

I mean they Help in all but by simply walking away they don't know your not there so they keep running. say "No" or "STOP" to get their attention, then pat your legs or whatever gets them to come to


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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

10/4/2012 7:19:34 AM

Helpful hints in this article. thanks

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Josh   Hartford, KY

11/28/2011 8:48:04 AM

Like anything you do in life, practice, practice, practice. I know that accidents happen. What I've found that works best is to find the largest secure space available, and let fido loose recall him/her. The best way to start off is with as long of a leash as you can find. This way if Fido doesn't come you can apply gentle pressure to the leash to reinforce what you are asking of your dog. After a few long line sessions switch to regular leash and, repeat. Above all stay calm. I have a 11 month old German Shepard that I adopted at a local shelter who would not get anywhere near me when i brought her home. Now i very rarely even use a leash.

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