Dog Fancy Table of Contents - December 2005

December 5, 2005




DOG FANCY - December 2005

December 2005

22 | Cool toys
Every dog, naughty or nice, deserves a new toy for the holidays. We sniffed out some great stuff your pooch is sure to love. Spoil your pup with Jimmy Chew designer heels, or a peanut butter flavor Frisbee!

22 | Dogs of tomorrow
Dogs today, more than ever, are treated as part of the family. We explore the improving quality of life for dogs, and what changes to expect in the future – from pet passports and doggie divorce court to important advancements in health care.
by Cathy M. Rosenthal

28 | Sick puppy?
A puppy’s health can deteriorate surprisingly quickly, and often without notice. King tells you which symptoms can be monitored at home, and which signs suggest a more serious condition, and warrant an immediate trip to the vet.
by Marcia King

32 | Say the magic word
Teaching your dog to come is more important that you may think – it could save his life! Use a special cue to teach your dog to come reliably.
by September Morn

36 | The year’s best gear
Each year the market is flooded with cool new pet products. We sorted through hundreds of items – from easy-to-clean beds to doggie fortune cookies – and chose our favorites for the 2005 Dog Fancy Editors’ Choice Awards.

40 | Nice shot!
We asked for photos that captured your dog’s true personality, and received hundreds of submissions, ranging from silly to serious to just plain adorable. Meet the winners of our Best Dog Photo contest.

42 | Harrier: In good company
The independent-thinking Harrier needs to be reminded who’s head of the pack. But once the pecking order is established, the Harrier is a loyal and loving companion, good with children, and a great addition to any family.
by Denise Flaim

44 | Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Big Sweet Softie
Plus a Color Poster Inside!

These dogs maintain their pup personalities well into their second year. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs require a firm hand and consistent obedience training, but with proper care, this dog will be your best friend and your greatest protector.
by Terry Winkelman

50 | Chinese Crested: Bare-naked beauty
Both varieties of the Chinese Crested, the Hairless and the Powderpuff, thrive on affection from their owners. The Hairless variety loves to cuddle, and loves to keep you warm on cold winter nights (and on hot summer nights, too!). But don’t be fooled, these aren’t your typical Toy dogs. Cresteds can scale fences, grip and climb with their long legs, and
excel in agility.
by Eve Adamson

58 | Annual Holiday Gift Guide
The holidays are right around the corner, so we’ve compiled a handy holiday gift guide for dog lovers. Check out doggie-themed holiday cards and calendars for the New Year that you can give to every dog fanatic in your life – including yourself.

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8  | Letters to the Editor: Discover what readers had to say.

9  | Gallery: Check out the cool photos readers sent us.


10  | Braving Katrina’s Floodwaters: Read about a daring rescue and happy reunion.
by Kim Campbell Thornton

12  | Law & Order: Stay abreast of your local leash laws to avoid legal problems.
by Gregory M. Dennis

Everyday Dog

14  | Festive Goodies: Use one of these easy and fun dog treat recipes to spoil your dog.
by Julie Van Rosendaal

15  | Good Puppy: Take steps to socialize your pup before she reaches four months.
by September Morn

15  | Happy Endings: Big Ben - A 145-pound Alaskan Malamute finds an owner strong enough to pass the “pull test.”
by Jennifer Quasha

16  | Best Behavior: Keep winter cabin fever at bay by teaching your dog fun nose games.
by Pat Miller

18  | Ask DOG FANCY: Sometimes your dog’s odd behavior is just a matter of instinct. Ask us your questions.
by September Morn

18  | Beyond the Brush: Learn about some handy gadgets that can make grooming easier.
by Diana Mohler


54  | Celebrate safely: Learn how to protect your dog from potentially dangerous situations, ensuring you both have a happy and healthy holiday.
by Kyra Kirkwood

56  | Ask the Vet: Our resident veterinarian decodes some puzzling doggie ailments.
by Leslie Sinclair, DVM


66  | Silver Bells: Add a little sparkle and shimmer to your dog’s holiday season.

67  | Luxury Unleashed: What’s on your dog’s holiday wish list?
by Charlotte Reed

68  | Winter Warmers: Check out some of this year’s most fashionable coats.

69  | Ruffin’ it: The adventure of pampered pups Scout and Bitsy continues with a trip to the salon.
by Tom Kimball

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