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July 15, 2006




DOG FANCY - July 2006

July 2006

26 | Hot spots for cool getaways
As the weather warms up, there’s no better place than a sparkling lake or cool river with your dog. Hit the road, then hit the water with these great summer vacation spots.
by Cherie Langlois

32 | Photo essay: sun, surf, and sand
At the beach, dogs can be dogs. These idyllic images of dogs at their best – happily romping on the beach – are sure to make you smile.
by Jean M. Fogle

34 | Great expectations
It’s hard finding a trainer that suits your needs and the needs of your pup. These 10 signs tell you if you’ve found the perfect trainer.
by Nikki Moustaki

39 | When it’s cancer
Cancer is a leading cause of death in dogs. We tell you what you need to know about four common canine cancers and the treatment options for each.
by Maria Pecoraro

56 | Ready, set, flyball!
Looking for something new to try with your dog? This fast-paced sport gives your dog lots of exercise – and attention.
by Kathryn M. Schulz

44 | Italian gem: Cirneco Dell’Etna
The rare Cirneco loves physical activity, but doesn’t mind a bit of snuggle time with his owner. He’ll win your heart with his tenderness and loyalty.
by Terry Winkelmann

46 | Stand by me: Doberman Pinscher
The confident and affectionate Doberman Pinscher will happily be your constant companion; but, he’ll also act as your personal bodyguard if needed.
by Eve Adamson

52 | Spirited helper: Shetland Sheepdog
The intelligent Shetland Sheepdog needs a job to challenge him and keep him busy. But at the end of the day, he wants nothing more than someone to love.
by Patricia Kime

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6  | BarkBack >> letters to the editor and photos from our readers.

10  | Newshound >> pet related news briefs.

13  | Puppy Life >> Ring a bell to go outside. This trick can help prevent indoor accidents.
by September Morn

16  | Canine Traveler >> State of bliss. Florida offers dogs a sunny haven, with miles of leash-free beaches and endless acres of dog parks.
by Joanna Downey

18  | Natural Dog >> Natural care cures tummy woes. Test designed for humans helps get Beagle past intestinal distress.
by Denise Flaim

22  | Clean dog clean house >> To clip or not to clip? Will a haircut really cool your dog this summer?
by Diana Mohler

60  | Best Behavior >> Change of address. Moving can be tough on pets. Here are some tips to ease the anxiety.
by Rose Boccio

62  | Help & Advice >> Ask DOG FANCY and Ask the Vet.
by September B. Morn; Karla Rugh, DVM, Ph.D.

64  | Checkup >> Replacement parts. Artificial joints and canine prosthetics give dogs new options.
by Sandy Robins

68  | Haute Dog >> Luxury Unleashed: The bow-wow bash.
by Nikki Moustaki

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