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Open Sesame
Dog bowls can play host to germs, insects and other unsavory invaders. Ensure your dog’s freshness with the Fresh Saver Pet Bowl. With the use of proximity-sensor technology, the bowl automatically opens and closes when your dog passes within 15 inches of it and closes within eight seconds of his departure, the manufacturer states. The bowl comes in four colors and includes stainless steel bowls.
Fresh Saver Pet Bowl; $39.95; 866-674-9779;

Keepers’ Finders
If your dog loses his way, find him using PocketFinder Pets, a small GPS locator that attaches to your dog’s collar. Linked to the largest GSM carrier network in the United States and Canada, PocketFinder Pets also tracks how fast he’s traveling, the company claims. The rechargeable battery is said to last approximately seven days.
Location Based Technologies, Inc.; $129.95;

Although flea and tick season is in full swing, there are even smaller threats to your dog’s health and well-being including dust, dust mites, molds, dander, feathers and pollen. Guard your canine with Nutri-Vet’s Allerg-Eze, liver chewables that help support normal respiratory function and health in dogs with the combination of antioxidants and omega fatty acids, according to Nutri-Vet.
Nutri-Vet; $10.99; 877-729-8668;

Nice Ride
Transporting your performance puppy to her next agility trial or dock-jumping competition? Try Petmate’s new Pampered Pet Kennel Cab. Airline approved, this stylish kennel is outfitted with a seat-belt slot in its roof which, Petmate says, helps owners secure the kennel in the seat to prevent sliding. The kennel also offers extra ventilation, storage, and a liquid moat to keep your dog dry.
Petmate; $22.99–$33.99; 877-PETMATE;

Raw Deal
Nature’s Logic offers its line of Raw Frozen Diets. The product is manufactured using a process that removes the water from the vegetables and fruits before adding them to the animal ingredients. The result is a nutrient-dense food concentrate that offers the consumer more bang for his buck, according to the company. Available in chicken or beef.
Nature’s Logic; prices vary; 402-475-7663;

Swill at Will
Keep your thirsty performance champ hydrated and healthy with Handi-drink, a portable water bottle. Handi-drink’s handiness comes from the water tray attached to the bottle; you can squeeze water from the bottle into the pan. Available in three sizes, Handi-Drinks make hydration easy for dogs and dog owners on the go, according to its manufacturer.
Petcrew, Inc.; $6.99–$10.99; 310-457-6974;

Romping Room
Sometimes dogs need a little space of their own – where they are safe from the world, and the world is safe from them. Petmate offers that with its Fold-Up Exercise Pen. With its sturdy wire construction and solid-hinged design, the product confines and protects dogs of any size, according to the company, while folding flat for easy storage. Available in five different heights.
Petmate; $79.99–129.99; 800-433-5185;

When it’s time for lights out, it’s time for Doghouse Covers from Dog House Properties LLC. With three different designs to choose from, the covers slip over most metal dog crates. According to the company,  DogHouse Covers not only look attractive, but they help reduce stress, barking and anxiety, while easily rolling up to allow for fresh air.
Dog House Properties, LLC; $38–$79.99; 843-437-0665;

One Tough Collar
The Dry Collar from Stunt Puppy Inc. is built with a mind for rough conditions. Fabricated from a waterproof and “virtually indestructible” material, the product wards off unsettling odors that can become embedded in more-porous collars, according to the company. The lightweight collar is available in three sizes, each with a reflective strip for nighttime use.
Stunt Puppy Inc.; $21;

Double-Dog Dare
If one’s not enough, you can always walk two! Ruff Wear Inc. introduces its Knot-a-Coupler. The twin coupler is designed with stretch-rope that makes walking a game of give and take – stretch and rebound, according to the company. The product includes features such as freewheeling swivels that reduce twists and tangles.
Ruff Wear; $19.95; 888-783-3932;

Here a Bowl, There a Bowl
RPM Enterprises Inc. utilizes its patented mounting technology for its new one-quart food and water bowl system. The universal bracket allows the user to mount the bowls in several locations, such as kennels, crates and various other solid surfaces. Available in several colors, the product easily unlatches for cleaning and storage, according to the company.
RPM Enterprises Inc.; $14.29; 800-738-5004;

Collar I.D.
KoogaPet LLC brings dog tags to the 21st century with KoogaTag, a dime-sized USB tag that clips to a pet’s collar. The waterproof device provides immediate access to the dog’s medical and care information. A phone number printed on the tag’s face allows direct contact to KoogaPet professionals who will contact the owner and send immediate alerts to local shelters and veterinarians.
KoogaPet LLC; $29.95; 877-444-3738;


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