Simply Irresistible

Whether you call it the Biewer Terrier, Biewer a la Pom Pon or just plain Biewer, this wee delight wins more devotees every day.


With various clubs rallying for this breed, you can call it the Biewer Terrier, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon, Biewer a la Pom Pon or just plain Biewer. You can also call it adorable, appealing, affectionate, charming, disarming and captivating. With its pert and perky personality and its spritely spirit, there’s little wonder that the Biewer Terrier has been collecting fans and capturing hearts since arriving in the United States.

The breed’s delightful personality is just one reason Biewers are popular as therapy and visitation dogs. But more than just petite lap dogs, a number of the colorful canines have showed their speedy side by indulging in agility, tackling the obstacles with true terrier determination.

Parti time
Whether the result of a genetic mutation or a recessive gene that picked this moment to appear, on January 20, 1984, an adorable tricolor Yorkie puppy was born, and a new breed began. The piebald pup was the offspring of two blue-and-tan World Champion Yorkshire Terriers, Darling von Friedheck and Fru Fru von Friedheck. The blue, white and gold youngster was christened Schneeflockchen (Snowflake) von Friedheck by her breeders, Werner Biewer and his wife, Gertrude, of Hunsruck, Germany.

Incidentally, the name is pronounced “bee-vair” but usually ends up sounding like beaver.

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Lin   San Jose, CA

3/17/2011 5:47:13 PM

Would love to purchase a March issue of Dog World (my breeder is featured) but there are no magazine/book stores (Silicon Valley) who carry the magazine.

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Jan   Issaquah, WA

2/23/2011 9:21:50 AM

Thank you for the well-written feature article on the beloved Biewer. As a Biewer breeder, I am delighted to see the light shine on this beautiful, loving, captivating
Jan of Cascade Sunrise Biewers

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Angela   Cookeville, TN

2/2/2011 7:11:12 AM

We have two Biewers as part of our family and could not love them more! Thank you for the article on such a wonderful
Angela Vaughn ~ Strait Layne Biewers

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Jennifer   Memphis, TN

2/1/2011 6:33:30 PM

Thanks so very much for writing such a well researched and unbiased article on this breed that I have come to love so much! The Biewer is certainly a well kept secret that needs to be shared! Jennifer Baumer Von Schon Biewers

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