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I’m thinking about showing my dog in another country. What do I need to know about international show rules and procedures?

A: Showing in another country provides a broader perspective of your dog’s breed. Earning a title in more than one country is also highly rewarding. Consider the following before traveling abroad:

Follow the rules
Remember that you are in a different country and the shows might run in a different manner from shows you are accustomed to. You’re bound by the rules for the country in which you are showing, so it’s your responsibility to be aware of all the rules. Failure to follow the rules might cause you to lose any awards your dog earns.

Make sure to check the requirements for dog importation. Entering Canada, for example, is relatively easy as long as you have the necessary vaccination papers available to show at the border. Other countries have more stringent rules. For instance, England and Australia require a quarantine of all dogs entering the country unless the proper steps are followed to ensure the dog does not have rabies.

Kennel club rules also vary. For example, other countries often have different requirements for earning a title. The classes will likely have different names, as well as different qualifications for entering the particular class. In some countries, you might have to register your dog with that country’s national kennel club to earn a title. In others, your dog’s American Kennel Club registration will suffice. Also research local laws. In European countries, for example, tail docking and ear cropping are prohibited by law, and dogs under a certain age can’t be shown if they’ve been cropped or docked.

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