Dog Grooming Tips for the Holiday Season

Help your dog look and smell his best when guests arrive.

Posted: December 4, 2007, 5 a.m. EST

Looking your best is an important part of feeling good this holiday season – even for dogs! Keep your pooch posh and pretty with these dog grooming tips. 

  • Baths can do wonders for a dog's appearance. Pets should be washed a few days before holiday guests visit for their coats to be in tip-top shape.
  • Brushing a dog before a bath will remove tangles and mats. Water actually tightens mats, but conditioner or grooming spray may be used to help loosen knots on a dry dog.
  • Lukewarm water – not hot – is best.
  • Shampoo applied directly to the coat may be difficult to spread. It should be poured into the palm of your hand and then applied to the dog.
  • Working on one area at a time before moving to the next can make for a more efficient, complete bath. When trying to get everywhere at once, it can be easy to miss a spot.
  • Conditioner can be used to hold moisture into the fur, helping to prevent dry winter skin.

But bathing isn’t the only important part of grooming; consider additional trips to keep dogs smelling and looking great. Grooming appointments should be scheduled well in advance – and remember, the holidays are the busiest times for groomers, but a holiday appointment may be quicker if a dog receives regular grooming throughout the year.

Also keep in mind that brushing a dog's coat daily smoothes out fur and reduces shedding, which can be particularly nice during the holiday season, with less dog hair collecting on furniture and stylish holiday clothes.


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Cheryl   Conway, MO

12/4/2007 5:08:05 PM

I always love the way my dogs smell after a bath.

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Minnie   Y, CA

12/4/2007 9:02:05 AM

Good article

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megan   somewherein, OH

12/4/2007 9:01:27 AM


John 3:16

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Cheril   Amarillo, TX

12/4/2007 8:27:48 AM

Thanks for the reminders!

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