The Michael Vick Dogfighting Case

Read about former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and the dogfighting charges brought against him.

Updated: August 14, 2009, 4 p.m. EDT

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Michael Vick Signs With Eagles
Quarterback served 20 months for bankrolling a dogfighting ring and killing eight dogs. (08-14-09)
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Group Honored for Working With Vick Dogs
Best Friends Animal Society receives award for helping rehabilitate dogs used for fighting. (07-29-09)
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Michael Vick Conditionally Reinstated to NFL
One of the conditions of reinstatement is to work with an anti-dogfighting campaign. (07-28-09)
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Michael Vick Completes Dogfighting Sentence
The former Atlanta Falcons star is released from custody after serving a 23-month sentence. (07-21-09)
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Michael Vick Released From Prison
Former NFL star to serve two months of home confinement for dogfighting sentence. (05-20-09)
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Pit-Bull Ambassadors
Rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation, these five pit bulls show their unquestionable love for people by giving back to their communities.
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Maker of Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy Sued
Internet-run business allegedly misrepresented proceeds would benefit animal charities. (04-13-09)
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Michael Vick Returning Home Soon
Vick will serve the remainder of his dogfighting-related sentence in home confinement. (03-07-09)
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Michael Vick Pleads Guilty to Dogfighting in Virginia
After plea on state charges, Vick may be eligible for early release from jail. (11-26-08)
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New Series Features Vick Dogfighting Drama
Animal Planet’s investigative report gives an in-depth look at the case, recovery of dogs. (08-23-08)
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Michael Vick’s Former Dogs Recovering
The majority of the rescued dogs were deemed fit to be around people and are undergoing rehabilitation. (01-31-08)
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Michael Vick in Jail Early for Dogfighting
Disgraced former quarterback surrenders three weeks before formal sentencing on dogfighting charge. (11-21-07)
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Dog Lovers Celebrate Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day
Baseball fans and pet owners celebrated dogs and protested Michael Vick at a California minor league baseball game. (07-31-07)
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Investigation Continues in Michael Vick Dogfighting Case
Informant claims Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick attended several dogfights. (06-02-07)
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Other headlines from Michael Vick's dogfighting investigation, plea, and sentencing.

Vick Sentenced to 23 Months for Dogfighting
Michael Vick, once one of the highest paid players in the National Football League, was sentenced to 23 months in prison for financing a dogfighting ring and helping to kill pit bulls that did not fight aggressively, CNN reports.
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Michael Vick Tests Positive for Marijuana; Judge Imposes New Restrictions
The disgraced Atlanta Falcons quarterback tested positive for marijuana earlier this month, a violation of the conditions of his release. On Wednesday, the judge ordered him confined to his home between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., USA Today reports.
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Vick Indicted by State Grand Jury in Dogfighting Case
A Virginia grand jury brought additional charges against Michael Vick on Tuesday for killing dogs and promoting dogfights based on the crimes committed in Surry County. He’s scheduled for arraignment on the new charges Oct. 3, CNN reports.
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Big Dog Spanks Michael Vick
Big Dog Sportswear crafted a new line of T-shirts bearing designs that ridicule the former NFL quarterback, including an illustration of the company's mascot dog dressed in an Uncle Sam outfit spanking a squalling Vick, the Santa Barbara Independent reports.
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Chewed Up Vick Cards Sell for Thousands on eBay
The eBay auction for 22 Michael Vick football cards, chewed up and slobbered on by two Missouri dogs, ended Wednesday as the winning bidder dished out $7,400, with the money expected to be donated to the Humane Society, USA Today reports.
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Dogs From Vick’s Kennel Must Pass Behavior Test
The fates of the dogs seized from a property owned by Michael Vick hinge on the recommendations from certified animal behaviorists; prosecutors have asked the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to evaluate the 53 pit bulls taken from Vick’s kennel, The New York Times reports
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Michael Vick Enters Guilty Plea
Vick formally pleaded guilty to federal dogfighting charges on Monday in Richmond, Va., where he apologized for his actions, the Washington Post reports.
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Woman Seeks to Save Vick’s Dogs
A Georgia woman doesn’t want to see the dogs seized from Michael Vick’s property die; she wants them to be neutered and have their teeth pulled so they’re no longer a threat, the Los Angles Times reports.
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Vick Pleads Guilty in Dogfighting Case
A judge accepted Michael Vick's guilty plea Monday to a federal dogfighting charge and scheduled a Dec. 10 sentencing date that could send the fallen NFL superstar to prison, the Associate Press reports.
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NFL Suspends Vick Indefinitely
Michael Vick is suspended indefinitely from the NFL after he admitted in federal court papers filed Friday that he and two others killed dogs that did not fight well, CNN reports.
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Vick Admits Dog Killing, Conspiracy
NFL Star Michael Vick has admitted that he and two co-conspirators killed dogs that did not fight well in papers filed Friday with a federal court in Virginia, CNN reports.
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Vick’s Dad Traces Dogs To Son’s Childhood
Michael Vick’s estranged father tells how his son was fascinated with animals and would join other neighborhood kids in setting loose a dog every so often to watch it chase a cat around a nearby lumberyard, the Washington Post reports.
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Vick Likely Will Face More Charges in Virginia
A prosecutor in Virginia who is investigating dogfighting allegations against Michael Vick said he plans to seek additional state charges against the Atlanta Falcons quarterback and his three co-defendants, but is first awaiting the results of Vick’s scheduled guilty plea in federal court, the Washington Post reports.
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NAACP Official: Vick Shouldn’t Be Banned from NFL
The head of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP said that the Atlanta Falcons quarterback has made mistakes, but they shouldn’t cost him his football career, CNN reports.
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In the Doghouse: Will Michael Vick Ever Play Again?
Contrition, experts say, is the only way for Michael Vick to revive his career, ABC News reports.
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Atlanta Falcons Will 'Deal With' Loss of Vick
The football team’s coach and players issue comments regarding Michael Vick’s plea deal, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
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At Atlanta Shelter, Vick Jerseys Are Going to the Dogs
About a dozen Atlanta Falcons football jerseys bearing Michael Vick’s name have been put to use as animal bedding and as rags to clean up dogs’ messes, USA Today reports.
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Seized Dogs Awaiting Claims
Anyone who has an ownership stake in one of the 53 pit bulls removed from Michael Vick’s property this year has until Thursday to file a claim. So far, no one has stepped forward, the Los Angeles Times reports.
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Vick Agrees to Plead Guilty
Michael Vick has agreed to plead guilty to the federal dogfighting charges against him under a deal reached Monday between his attorneys and prosecutors, The Washington Post reports.
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Vick’s Dogs Facing Euthanization
The federal government is preparing to dispose of the dogs seized from Michael Vick’s property during its investigation into a dogfighting operation, The Hartford Courant reports.
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Remaining Vick Co-Defendants Plead Guilty

Two co-defendants in the Michael Vick dogfighting case pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge Friday (Aug. 17) in federal court and agreed to “fully cooperate” with prosecutors building a case against Michael Vick, The Washington Post reports.
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NFL Commissioner Still Gathering Facts for Vick Decision
Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL has given Michael Vick no advance word on what league discipline he might face if he makes a deal with prosecutors, USA Today reports.
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Pressure on Vick to Make the Right Call
USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan says it's time for Vick to decide whether or not to plead guilty to dogfighting charges.
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Legal Analyst Says Vick’s Options Are Clear
Defense attorney says he should go to trial if he’s innocent and plea bargain if he’s guilty, USA Today reports.
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Michael Vick’s Attorneys Negotiating Plea Deal Over Dogfighting Charges
Vick’s attorneys are negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors ahead of new charges that are expected to come down next week after Vick’s co-defendants prepare to enter guilty pleas, Fox News reports.
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NFL Denies Imminent Michael Vick Decision
The league office says the process will take several more weeks, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
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NFL Turned Upside Down by Facets of Vick Case
The Michael Vick dogfighting case has ramifications on many levels, including the team, the fans and the commissioner, USA Today reports.
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Vick Dogfighting Case Might Be Teaching Tool

The charges could be used to teach children about behavior and consequences, the Daily Press (Virginia) reports.
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SCLC Ditches Michael Vick Tribute
Initially planning to honor Vick at its annual convention, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference decides against it, WXIA-TV (Atlanta) reports.
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Biting Wit Comes at Vick’s Expense
A Florida company is marketing dog chew toys in Michael Vick’s likeness, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.
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Letters to the Editor: Legal Strategy Doesn’t Help Michael Vick’s Defense
A reader comments on Vick’s attorneys’ decision to request a trial delay to prepare their case, USA Today reports.
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Why the NAACP Is Supporting Michael Vick
An NAACP official explains why the civil rights group cautions against a rush to judgment on the dogfighting charges, Newsweek reports.
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SCLC Makes Plans to Honor Michael Vick
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference will recognize and honor Vick at its annual convention, amidst the dogfighting charges, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.
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Pivotal Date for Michael Vick May Come Before Trial Begins
Vick could officially be cut from Atlanta Falcons on Oct. 1, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.
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Rawlings Sports Goods Ends Relationship with Michael Vick
Officials at Rawlings announced they will no longer use Vick’s image for promotions or sales due to dogfighting allegations, USA Today reports.
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While Government Makes Case, Dogs Remain in Confinement
Dogs seized from Michael Vick’s property are currently sheltered in kennels, their fate undecided, The New York Times reports.
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Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty and Backs Case Against Vick
Tony Taylor outlines his involvement, and says he scouted dogfighting property for Vick, according to the New York Times.
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NFL Network Intercepts Sanders’ Attempts to Write About Vick
The NFL Network asks Deion Sanders to stop writing about Vick after his column drew criticism; the network has exclusive use of Sanders’ image and opinions regarding NFL matters, USA Today reports.
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Vick Appears in Court and Unlikely to Play
The likelihood of Michael Vick playing football this season grows dimmer as he prepares for his November 26 dogfighting trial, the Los Angeles Times reports.
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Vick’s Co-Defendant Strikes Plea Deal, Agrees to Help Prosecutors
Tony Taylor pleads guilty today to dogfighting conspiracy charges, the Los Angeles Times reports.
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Reebok, Nike Suspend Sales of Vick Products
Reebok allows retail outlets to return unsold products, the Los Angeles Times reports.
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Without Contact, Vick Takes Hit in the Pocket
Nike suspends Vick’s endorsement contract without pay, the New York Times reports.
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Vick Pleads Not Guilty to Dogfighting Charges
A trial has been set for November 26 in the case involving professional quarterback Michael Vick, CNN reports.
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Michael Vick Indicted on Dogfighting Charges
A Federal Grand Jury issued an 18-page indictment against Michael Vick and three others.
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Vick Arraignment to Attract Crowd
Animal activists planned to demonstrate outside Virginia courthouse where Michael Vick faced dogfighting charges, USA Today reports.
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Not Everybody Is Against Vick
While animal activists demonstrated at Michael Vick’s hearing, supporters of the professional athlete also showed their support, USA Today reports.
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Racecar Driver Urges Prison for Vick
NASCAR driver Greg Biffle, founder of the Greg Biffle Foundation for Animals, hopes authorities make an example out of Michael Vick to deter others from dogfighting, USA Today reports.
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Prosecutors, Hometown Residents See Different Sides of Vick
Residents of the poor, crime-ridden neighborhood Michael Vick grew up in see the athlete as a generous benefactor, USA Today reports.
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Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge Vick
Former football superstar Deion Sanders addresses the Vick controversy in his Southwest Florida News Press column.
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Vick Goes to Court While Falcons Go to Camp
As Michael Vick enters not-guilty plea and apologizes to his mother, his teammates open training camp amid circus of demonstrators, the New York Times reports.
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User Avatar

Roberta   Wikieup, AZ

8/24/2009 11:53:19 AM

For people like Vick they don't have emphathy for any living thing, animals or humans. Don't even understand the word. They go to bed every night and sleep just fine. But for the rest of us we would never be able to sleep. People like them make me ill to think what they do. What I can say is this, Thank Goodness there is people out there that have a love for all living things that need them. And Thank Goodness that we are not like them, the ones that get pleasure out of seeing a animal that is panicked, in pain, trying to run for it's life to escape what he knows is going to happen to him if he doesn't. These kind of people get real pleasure seeing a dog go through this. They cannot be rehabitated, because they get great enjoyment doing what they do. They have evil mines with evil thoughts. They would do the same to people, and some do, but for the others it stops them from doing it to people only because they think that they might get caught and fry for it. They do it to animals thinking that it might be okay, it's only a animal. SHAME on the NFL and their backing of Vicks, and it is all in the name of MONEY. Also the NFL could had cared less for those animals or they would had made a different choice.

User Avatar

Sheryl   Bloomington, IN

7/21/2008 4:11:00 AM

Sad, just very, very sad

User Avatar

Katie   Suwanee, GA

11/21/2007 8:02:59 AM

I agree with Kathy Santee CA, If he relley wants to be punished, he should be put in a cage with pitt bulls, visous. But the dogs should be chanend so that whan they atack they jump close, so he can see what he's helped create. And every other dog fighter shoud be punished the same way.

User Avatar

Julie   Chesterfield, MO

8/23/2007 11:56:24 AM

Enough Vicks is as guilty as sin and so are the idiots that were with him, anyone who backs him is as guilty and has zero respect for life in general,The abuse starts with animals then moves on to the
far as am concern we should never have gotten past the chimpanzee, anyone that thinks that hurting a poor defenseless animal should be tared and feathered and then let him know what it feels like to be
the man is an ass no ifs or butts about it we should only be concerned with the dogs who suffered, any one who teaches a dog to kill has no business owning dogs or having kids they are the same helpless and defendless

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