Comments on Paws-itively Fun Indoor Games for Your Dog

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Lizette - 203665   Sacramento, CA

7/17/2013 4:09:12 PM

I like the hide and seek game.

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Kakes   Monte Carlo, CA

3/24/2012 9:46:24 PM

I dont enjoy these you should make more games for smaller dogs and better ideas for them!!! Just a thought :)

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Nick   bethlehem, PA

1/14/2010 3:14:20 PM

I really like the ideas that come to mind, I'll try those games with my dog know!!!

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spazdog   Sparks, NV

1/4/2010 12:51:35 PM

Nice ideas. Had a friend who trained his dog to get toilet paper from the hall closet. He was a bachelor and never remembered to keep the bathroom stocked up!

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sal   nh, CT

12/8/2009 10:39:19 PM



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Dave   Conyers, GA

11/29/2009 8:54:43 AM

What about a 1 year old Airedale? Too big for walking on the back of the couch (70 lbs.) and would never get the remote back!!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

11/17/2009 4:22:20 PM


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Anna   Dauphin Island, AL

6/20/2009 4:42:13 PM

Well, you could set up an agility course and train your dog. Or you could play follow the leader. One of my dog Sampson's favorites is that. Now he can jump over a chair, sit on a chair, walk the back of the couch, and crawl under the piano bench! Also get a flashlight or laser and let your dog chase it around! Get creative!

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katie   taylor, MI

4/14/2009 5:48:12 PM

sounds fun

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Robin   Corpus Christi, TX

6/20/2007 12:06:53 PM

These are so cool! What games can I play with my dog if she doesn't like toys or keys or anything to that affect? Thank you!


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