Comments on Hong Kong Serial Dog Killer Returns

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James Hagins   Riceville, TN

7/26/2007 2:06:27 PM

Our wonderful 5 year old Black Lab Sadie was killed by Carbofuran on Feb 24, 2007. My wife and I was walking Sadie in a Public Park in Athens, Tennessee. Sadie was on a leash, she reached down and picked something off the ground and ate it. We rushed her to the Vet. Two hours later she was dead. We had a toxicology report done on her stomach contents. It stated she died from Carbofuran. I don't know how people can be so mean and cruial. They will get theirs.

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Jessi   Ft myers, FL

5/16/2007 12:20:12 PM

It is very disturbing that someone would harm innocent animals. I hope they catch him and put him away forever.

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