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Blake   Burgettstown, PA

2/27/2011 4:28:17 AM

I love bulldogs and any kind of dogs. Actually any type of animal.

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Ana Paula   Monterey, ME

6/28/2010 9:50:42 PM

the best dog in the world

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Diane Jay   Fort Worth, TX

4/22/2010 8:32:46 AM

Bulldogs can be trained, start as early as possible. My bulldog is 14 months old, I started him in puppy class when he was 13 weeks old. I am still working with him. He is much better, but it just takes a while. When we go out in public he will sit to greet and shake with his paw. Socialization is very important for this breed. Take them out as much as possible. They love people and other dogs.

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Melissa   Portland, ME

10/6/2009 2:19:51 PM

I have two young female of them actually appears in this magazine! They really are very sweet and sensitive creatures, if not the slightest bit stubborn! When potential bully owners ask if I'd recommend getting a bulldog, I first caution them about the expense associated with health issues and then I let them know they are the most mellow and gentle little dogs!

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Charlotte   Shelton, WA

7/21/2009 5:27:55 PM

As a bulldog lover and long time Bulldog rescue volunteer, I would like to add a word of caution to the previous comments about how cute they are. there is no doubt there is nothing cuter than a bulldog puppy, but the puppy months are the times to begin training them and teaching them manners: not to bite or jump up and house breaking etc. These dogs are so adorable it is so easy to "spoil" them as puppies, and then find out they won't do what they are expected as adults. Please read up on dog training NOW, an d if possible enroll them in an obedience class. We don't want to see your dogs in rescue because they became too much to handle when they reached 65 lbs.

And hugs to all of you, with the right training, you have a wonderful companion for life!

I love them, I've had



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Theo   Jacksonville, FL

6/28/2009 5:22:12 PM

Please see my bulldogs at:

or search for "Buddha and Diva"

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J. White   Victorville, CA

4/9/2009 12:10:07 AM

I recently purchased a 2mo old English Bulldog. Her name is Cavali, and I have been her proud owner for approximately 2 months... I Love her; she is the first dog I can actually call my own... Initially my agenda was to get a pug, but the mere beauty and chubby innocence of the bulldog swept me. I love her; and she will always be my #1 Baby...

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Dan   Williamsburg, WV

3/25/2009 4:05:41 PM

I just got myself a 3-month old female solid white English Bulldog. I call her Mallows (as in Marshmallows) because of her folds on her face and body. She's so adorable! My kids love her! My wife who is not really a dog person adores Mallows. In a couple of weeks, I'm getting another English Bulldog puppy. Everyone is excited!

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Dalia   Milwaukee,, WI

3/9/2009 5:09:39 PM

I just think that bulldogs are cute! They are my favorite breed because of it. I am almost addicted to them. My daughter is catching on to my love and is pointing at every bulldog that she sees. I am hoping to get one soon.

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Mandi   Fairbury, NE

3/2/2009 9:16:39 AM

I just got a English Bulldog a couple months ago and i couldnt have asked for a better dog. Eva is great with my son witch is 4 and my daughter 2 they really love her. Eva has to go every where we go even get my son from school. If she dont get to go she sets by the door and cries. Its very cute. But other then the crying shes great. She loves to learn new things my son got her to set in 2 days but now we are trying to teach her to lay down its been a little difficult but shes doing great. Eva is stubborn but loves to please.


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Don J Gough   hurricane, UT

1/13/2009 5:33:55 PM

ME PERSONALLY, I LOVE PITT BULLS!! but the thing that gets me is peoples ignorance, pitt bulls have a bad rep for idiots fighting them and yet most fail to know the truth, pitt bulls are a hunting dog first and formost and the bull dog were the fighters. but dont get me wrong, both of the breeds are my favorite, but more like a passion!!!

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Kacee   Pittsburgh, PA

12/18/2008 8:48:04 AM

Dude that is so funny and cool.I love Bulldogs,I have one and its name is Benelty Boy.

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Pam   central PA, PA

11/24/2008 6:56:01 PM

I am glad to see this article, there are too many people out there who don't bother to work with their bullies. I have a two year old bulldog (my second - you get one and you're hooked), Wanda, and we started agility training about a year ago. She's a small (42 lb) bulldog who seems to think she's a border collie. We've competed in 5 CPE agility events and she's done really well and LOVES it. We have some videos posted on youtube. Here's a link to one: and you can find the others in my channel.

Thanks for helping spread the word that bulldogs are capable of so much more than many give them credit for!

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Tomiko   Plano, TX

9/10/2008 7:30:34 PM

The article is interesting, but also informative. I believe that any person that decides to own a English Bulldog, should be aware that they are stubborn, but also very loving. No matter how much of a brat Diesel, could ever become, I wouldn't trade him for anything. Owners of English Bulldogs learn the personalities and the attitudes that this type of breed will tend to adopt on their own. He is four months old, and he can be very mellow but also very energetic.

He is actually my first English Bulldog, but he will not be my last (since I am considering to buying another in a couple of years). I knew what I was getting myself into. I came across a book called "A Kennel Club Book, Bulldog". What this is is a Comprehensive guide to owning and caring for your English Bulldog. I also bought a book Called "What is my dog thinking? Author Gwen Bailey. I found this periodicals to extremely helpful. It gave me an/a insight as to the five W's to understanding your English Bully baby. Overall, I would also suggest watching others experiences on by typing in Funny English Bulldogs, or just English Bulldogs. This helps understand the weird habits that some, most, or even all English Bulldogs "whether they are male or Female" can pick up. In conclusion, I found the article pretty helpful, but also felt that what I have added may help any future English Bulldog owner. I also feel that whatever insight i have offered will help a present English Bulldog owner. Good lucky and Happy owning..

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Trudy   Clinton, CT

8/27/2008 10:54:51 PM

My eight year old bulldog, Jitterbug, was in Long Beach, California last December for the Eukanuba Invitational Agility trial. I have now retired her from agility and we are beginning obediance trials. She has always been physically fit and intelligent.

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Kathy   Fremont, MI

8/10/2008 1:56:04 PM

I love bulldogs! My first Bulldog, Tradewinds Gamblin On Me, aka Shemp. He is a character and a half. I just picked up the magazine yesterday in Petsmart. Great job.

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gail   south hempstead, NY

4/19/2008 9:46:34 AM

we absolutely love bulldogs....we are on our third and she is the love of our lives! absolute treasure, our maggie mae adds so much joy to our lives...loved the article and munch, the cover bull

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gail   baldwin, NY

3/22/2008 7:33:58 AM

i loved the article....we have a bully and i would have no other breed!....they are super fun and show us alot about loyalty and how to get through life....thanks again!

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JO   New york, NY

3/1/2008 5:59:52 AM

Bulldogs are the perfect companion. They give so much Love and have a gentle soul! I love my Bullie!!!

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Jerry   Quincy, MA

2/16/2008 11:02:22 AM

I purchased the BULLDOG magazine and thoroughly enjoyed
I have rescued 2 bulldogs and felt compelled to share their website/story at

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