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tamee   juneau, Alaska

1/25/2013 8:13:44 AM

my boston buddy, ruby, is the best dog ever... sweet and funny and playful. she is part of our family and when my daughter comes to visit I tell ruby" look, sissy is here" much to my daughters chagrin. But ruby is happy to run to her "sissy" and kiss her face.. she love all of the family and is just a joy to have, or is it that she has us, or we have her ?? Ruby is sensitive to our moods and loves to cuddle in our laps, shes very picky about her food. Its just like having a real baby. Im glad we have her and are thinking about getting another boston..that's how good life has been since ruby came.

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tyler   spanish fort al, Alabama

11/10/2012 4:26:11 PM


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Donald   La Quinta, CA

3/29/2012 9:47:30 AM

well my bosten is a year old and he is a great family member playfull in all kinds of way we love this dog or should i say Buddy that is his name he brings joy to us and of couse our lab we love too gets along with buddy they play all the time geart dogs all in all. LOVE both of them.

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Janie   Zeeland, MI

2/19/2012 11:14:49 AM

I also love Boston Terriers. My Oreo lost his life to cancer at the young age of 6. I am wondering if this may be common or just happened to be a bad break?! Please send a comment. Heartbroken in Michigan.

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izabel   farmington, NM

2/17/2012 12:31:47 AM

I love Bostons! i had gotten my first boston in the year 2007, i moved to a new state and of coarse he ended up getting stolen. He was one of the best dogs i have ever had. Just recently i got another Boston and she just kind of fell into my lap wasnt expecting to get another boston this soon but it was an opportunity i could not pass up. She's been with us now for two weeks and she's great she love my kids and she is so smart!


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Dixie   Stone Creek, OH

12/22/2011 8:07:54 AM

The year 2000, I received a Boston puppy from my youngest daughter as a present. She was working for a headstart program and went into a home where this little fellow wasn't being taken care of. So without any money she promised the people she would pay them the $200 they were asking for him. He was the best present I ever received. He died a year ago and I still feel the loss as if it was yesterday. He had scars on his face from where he had been mistreated and wasn't a perfect Boston but to me he was wonderful. He was my buddy. So I thank my daughter for bringing such a wonderful gift to me. His name was Mac and he died from cushing disease. So if you have one that is faithful and adores you be thankful and enjoy your time with him. Merry Christmas everyone!

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jamie petersin   mannhatten, NY

10/25/2010 3:59:07 PM

i love my bostones !! when my family an i went to go buy a boston from a breeder we had are eyes set on Jane. but who could ever just have one? then at the same time we recieved Lucey. thes are two great dogs and they match there breed except for Luceys markings..... Overall it was the best 2 for 1 deal ive ever made!!!!

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Vance   Loveland, CO

7/19/2010 6:17:58 PM

I find your article very informative. I am a fifth generation Boston owner in my family and have been pessing the tradition down to our children. One thing I feel you should clarify is that the breed was developed as a pit fighter, not a parlor or lap dog as you suggest. Only later was this breed "bred down" as a companion animal. I take pride in the heritage of these dogs and feel that the fighter that is in all of them is one of their best qualities. I currently have four of the, and while they are the most loving beings on the planet, no person or animal better enter our property without invitation.

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Bonnie   Kempner, TX

7/14/2010 12:20:38 PM

Our family adopted a Boston Terrier (Bosco) from a shelter last year. We've owned various breeds over the years - but Bosco is everything we've ever wanted from a partner. He loves to go camping with us and interacts well with all of our friends. He loves the water! We take him out on the lake with his life jacket, where he loves to swim as long as we're out with him. He also loves the water hose, jumping up to get to the water spray. Although he's not much help when we wash our cars, or water our plants, he is a great campanion. What a "little fella."

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Dustin   Texas City, TX

6/24/2010 9:29:27 AM

I have 3 Bostons. The first we rescued about 3 years ago from the animal shelter when he was about 1 year old. He quickly became part of the family. He is very healthy and lean and still weighs 25 lbs. Its a shame they made us neuter him to adopt him. But 2 months ago we bought 2 more Boston puppies (brother and sister). They are incredible. Daisy is going to be average size while Bo is over 11 lbs and he is only 3 1/2 months old. Judging from the size of his paws, I'll bet that he grows to be at least 30-35 lbs. He also has rare markings. He is brindle and white. Bo and Daisy's parents had the ability to be registered, but the owner never registered them so they are not papered. We are spaying Daisy but would like to breed Bo. If anyone is interested, please email me. I can send pictures. He is as close to perfect as I can imagine and it is a shame we cant paper him and follow his bloodline, but I hate to see these incredible traits go to

Texas City,


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sylvia   Farmington, NH

5/14/2010 6:28:03 AM

Have loved boston terriers forever. I am looking for a bigger boston than they have today. Maybe 25 lbs?? We live in New Hampshire and seem to see only 18 lbs or so dogs. Still love them though.

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anna   Mckinney, TX

5/8/2010 5:53:57 AM

i love bostens there so sweet and funny,i have had two bostens,one died but the one i have now is so funny!her name is jazmine

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Emily   Mandeville, LA

3/25/2010 7:44:28 PM

I LOVE my boston! I grew up with big dogs (german shepherds and huskies) and I thought they were my favorite until I adopted Rocko. He is such a loving cuddle bug! And the article is right about males being more dependant. If I was not home for a couple days my little man would already be moping about and whining, but when I got home nothing makes me happier than seeing him run up to greet me wiggling his whole body! They are indeed quirky funny little dogs! mines sleeping next to me right now on his back with paws in the air and snoring....I love this breed!

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Carrie   STL, MO

3/18/2010 3:24:02 PM

Our Boston is a sweet, loving, attentive, smart, sassy pup and we adore her. She is very loyal, a fast learner, great with our nieces and nephews and other dogs. Other than getting sassy when she goes to say with her "grandparents" and ignoring us for the first few hours she gets home (after a stay at grandma's house), she is a dream. I can't imagine life without her and don't want to. Boston's are great loving dogs that only want to please you. Love them and they will always love you.

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Steve   Cockeysville, MD

3/2/2010 6:20:04 AM

I love our new Boston (wasn't a big BT fan until we got our new terror) he is the best. They are def funny dogs that capture your heart, theirs something about that face! You def. need to pay attention to your new friend or he will drive you nuts b/c thety love play. He always brings a smile to my face no matter how bad of a day I've had. Now I'm the biggest BT fan in the world! Great goofy little critters!!!

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Michekke   Baltimore, MD

2/8/2010 12:13:32 PM

I love bully breeds, but Boston Terriers have won over my heart! I wanted a french bulldog before I was introduced to Bostons. I fell in love with the snorts and snores! These dogs are flatulent and funny!

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glenda   bainbridge, GA

2/3/2010 9:41:28 AM

boston terrier are very cute and loveable.

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David   Richland, GA

1/29/2010 6:08:19 PM

Well, the Boston Terrier sounds like the perfect dog for me and my family, too. The only thing that causes me to hesitate a tad is its appearance. Not really an attractive dog to my way of thinking . . . but looks are often deceiving and maybe they are, as people say, have a face only a mother could love. I'm still thinking . . . but he certainly seems to fit the bill for me. We shall see. Certainly I want a terrier . . . but which one? Maybe the Boston Terrier. We'll see.

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Sherri   Clearwater, FL

11/10/2009 7:37:05 AM

We LOVE our Boston "terror"!!! He is a a handful at times, but can be the most loving dog in the world! He loves to sleep with everyone and often "bed hops" at night to find the warmest spot to bury his cute little face into while he sleeps!!! He sure is fun to watch - especially when he has a plastic bat in his mouth a parades around the yard then tries to bring it through his doggie door!! ha ha

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david   San Jose, CA

8/28/2009 7:55:40 PM

Awesome description. We have a 11 month Boston and it's simply to much for us. My whole family is boring and we need a calmer, quieter pet. This Boston is definitely full of love and is great with everyone and everything, but it's constantly in our face begging to play. It's always on the move and insists on getting attention. Don't get me wrong - I've had dogs my whole life and I definately give them time and affection, but this is more work and attention than I could have expected. Definitely more than just about every other breed I've been around...

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