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Amee   Keene, NH

6/20/2009 8:21:08 PM

Camp Gone to the Dogs is the most positive place on earth! My dogs and I look forward all year to our week there and reap the benefits of that week all the rest of the year--friends, great training experiences in all kinds of activities, and a "tails up" philosophy that gets us past the tough times. Thanks for including this great program in your list of camps.

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cindy   egg harbor township, NJ

1/26/2009 7:08:47 AM

Actually THE BEST DOG CAMP is at Glen Highland Farm in upstate NY with 175 acres to explore and play and enjoy - it's really a doggie paradise. The trails are immaculate and basically tick-free! And, it's all off leash. You can go to the Getaway Camp for a long weekend on your own, enjoying the spectacular place or to the big camp, Canine Country Camp where you'll meet other dog lovers and learn agility, tracking, water sports, herding, animal communication and a lot more. Two different country vacations for you and your dog...we go every summer and absolutely love
Check out
There is NO place like this. People come from all over the country to enjoy this experience.

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Mark   Syracuse, NY

8/1/2008 2:59:31 AM

If you have ever wondered about attending a dog camp with your best friend then wonder no more.I have discovered the best kept secret this side of the

Its name is Camp Unleashed and is located in the Berkshire Mtns of Mass. A 4 day, 3 night escape where dogs and their owners embark on a weekend of pure

Take it from one who knows. I have been to Camp Unleashed the past two years with my girls Shelby and Greta a 2 1/2 year Chocolate and 1 1/2 year Black Lab respectively. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a place where dogs can have the freedom to be dogs. swimming,hiking,playing and learning. two-legged and four-legged friends on one big happy bonding experience.

if you are a true dog lover sign up for a weekend at camp unleashed RIGHT NOW!!! Me and the girls have met what will certainly be lifelong friends at Camp Unleashed.

I cannot praise Annie, the founder of this place enough for giving true dog lovers what they will certainly remember during those long "dog days" of summer and the rest of the year.

visit and see for yourself what you will experience surrounded by others just like yourself who's utmost satisfaction is gleaned from seeing their best friends meet new friends while having the unrestrained time of their

14 1/2 miles of hiking trails; lakes and ponds to swim in and classes and activities ranging from obedience, agility, and frisbee to dog massage techniques, rally-o and canine

do as little or as much as you want. what you won't want to do is miss this opportunity.

i will be making my third trek to Camp Unleashed the first weekend in September. Unfortunately that weekend is sold out. The Director limits the number of dogs that can attend to 50 to keep things manageable and fun for all.

Due to the word of mouth excitment this place has generated through its exposure this past March on the Rachel Ray show on the Food Network the director has added another session for the last week in September with spots still available for those who wish to attend.

If i had the vacation time i would sign up to come back just two weeks after attending just because i know from experience how much my girls love every aspect of camp

Trust me, i am not a spokesperson for the place. i'm just a dog fanatic that cannot contain my enthusiasm for such a wonderful

please check it out online at and see for yourself.

better yet sign up today and start planning your trip. your and your loved ones will be glad you did.

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