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Donna - 210062   Bradenton, FL

9/3/2012 2:31:52 AM

I have 2 chihuahuas they have to be right by me all the time sitting in my chair or in my bed they want to be there.Samantha 3yrs old 4 lbs is my sun lover she likes to keep warm she is very indpendent very smart knows my every move and words I say.A very picky eater some days she eats and other days she won't.I notice the days she won't is days I have to leave her for a little while.Like work or go to the store when ever it is she don't like it! Tilly 4 yrs old and 6 lbs is my lover she has to be right with you all the time.No matter what room in the house or any where I am she is there! Very good eater the vet said she has to lose weight.You can't help but to love them and I do very much.Their very good girls very friendly after they get a few barks in when they first meet you.But their my girls and there here to stay for always and for ever!

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Nathalie PJ   magnolia, NJ

5/20/2011 6:54:44 PM

I love my chihuahua, she is my baby. i was never gifted with children. my sadie was my engagement ring. we do everyhthing together. she is my
she makes me laugh. and got me walking. so i arrange play dates for her.

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kay   hartford, CT

2/6/2011 2:07:20 AM

i have a chihuahua and another dog that part chihuahua and part terrythat are so sweet amd stay close to me , i just love them so much ,kay

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juan   El, Paso, TX

2/2/2010 3:31:24 PM

Amo a mi chihuahua, ella es adorable es mi companerita de el alma tiene su caracter y sabe que ella es la duena de la casa. Quiero que Dios le de larga vida

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lylah mae   wooster, OH

1/14/2010 9:58:31 AM

I love chihuahuas. This article describes everything right. I love my chihuahua lylah mae.


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Ashley   Memphis, TN

6/22/2009 1:08:16 PM

I have a chihuahua. Shes very tempermental and doesnt like it when other people or dogs come into her territory but she is very loveable and loyal. As long as the dogs are introduced together early im sure a chihuahua would be fine with whatever else you decide to get. We have a peek-a-pom and a tabby cat living with her and they do just fine together.

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ramona   new braunfels, TX

1/12/2009 7:43:12 PM

I love chih.very very much,I have 2,Im so proud of my babies,and they are beautiful.Just gotta lov em

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Kaytlin   Denison, TX

11/24/2008 9:56:24 PM

Well is there anyway if i could find out what other breeds of dogs chihuahuas get along with and dont.

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