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dennis teel   seagoville, Texas

12/25/2014 7:21:33 AM

i noticed that most online articles about vomiting dogs,don't seem to mention that ,like my dog,sometimes they'll vomit if they become active(as in running and playing)immediately after eating.i've had two dogs that did this and they weren't Jack Russell only vomits if he becomes active right after a meal and even then it's not every time.many animal sites love to encourage pet owners to hurry their pet to the vet at the onset of the slightest problem..that would be grand if everyone could afford to do so./most people these days live ona fixed budget however and can't run their pet to the dr every time he or she acts suddenly odd or different or tosses his or her cookies a bit.i appreciate this article as it gives helpful info without making pet owners paranoid and vet happy.kudos to

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beverly mack   riviera beach, FL

9/8/2011 3:05:39 PM

my 90 pound chow/pitbull mixed for pass week now is vomiting after she eat her meals.

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

10/26/2009 7:04:49 AM

good article thanks

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belinda   salinas, CA

2/11/2008 9:32:56 PM

glad I read this cuz my 9 mth old will eat like there is no tomorrow but I will put a ball or something in the middle to try and slow her down

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