Comments on Nine Ways to Prevent Canine Cancer

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

8/5/2014 4:14:53 AM

Great general health ideas to keep our dog healthy.

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kev   naples, Florida

3/9/2014 2:28:57 PM

Cook for your dog !!! don't feed it poison from China !!! Home fed dogs live much longer than commercially fed dogs !

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Kenneth   Scott Depot, West Virginia

12/5/2013 1:56:17 PM

My 65 yr cancer research in JNMA,2001.93,490-493 "Albumin concentration controls cancer" proves that healthy serum albumin concentration >47g/l (4.7%) stabilizes the Genome, including P53 anti-cancer gene network explaining why those with high serum albumin, both humans and dogs avoud cancer even in old age. Dogs naturally have serum albumin ~30g/L thus die of cancer ~13 yrs.Hygiene to prevent infections and inflammation is more powerful in maintaining healthy serum albumin levels. Kennyscientist

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liantsim   Waterloo, IA

3/16/2013 7:13:17 AM

Such a great article with many great tips. Preventing cancer in my dog is something I think about frequently. Thankfully, I am already doing many of these things, including only giving my dog filtered water, but I will pay more attention to garden pesticides in the future.

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Sarah - 243618   Port Charlotte, FL

12/6/2012 9:44:14 AM

Another thing to consider to prevent cancer is diet. Closely check ingredients because many are harmful to our pets and are causing disease. A natural home made meal which you know what the ingredients are is a good start to preventing health problems. No colors, not artificial preservatives, no BHA or BHT, no prolyene glycol (not sure if spelt right). Be aware and be informed.


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skiw9748   Hartford, AL

11/24/2012 7:08:39 PM

2458881 - Thanks, I had not thought of the water !

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

11/24/2012 4:48:17 AM

This article is talking about a healthy life style for your pet but also something that the owner need to do for their health as well.

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Marie   Ogden, UT

1/17/2012 9:20:22 AM

I didn't realize the water thing- Our dog drinks from the river while we are playing in the water. How many people can afford to give their dog bottled water on a daily basis? I like the filtered water idea.

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Mags   not-telling, KS

7/8/2011 10:19:46 AM

People should try to prevent all diseases, especially one as serious as cancer, for their pets. We owe it to them!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

1/16/2011 7:58:28 PM



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Linda   westfield, MA

11/7/2010 3:50:31 AM

My baby girl died at 5 years old of lung cancer. She was diagnosed and had to be put to sleep 1 week later
We miss her dearly!

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Catherine   Newark, DE

11/7/2010 12:04:10 AM

My beloved pet and companion Acey, 11 years old, Huskey mix, got cancer in March of 2010 and was put to rest April 6, 2010. It was the saddest and heartbreaking day of my life. I am glad that this articale is written. The last thing I ever thought she would die from was cancer. thank YOu for making November cancer awareness month for our beloved pets.She is missed so very much, and is in my heart forever.

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Sue   Cranston, RI

11/6/2010 4:42:51 PM

My dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma almost three years ago. She was treated and has been in remission ever since. I practice all of the tips in this article religiously as well as limiting carbs as they support cancer. I also do not vaccinate my dogs other than the required vaccinations. Micro-chipping has also been know to leave cancerous tumors at the site. Thanks for the great info. We are proof that it works!

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Marillyn   Tulsa, OK

11/6/2010 3:03:23 PM

Thanks so much for the info. I did not know about the water.

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Shawn   Three Rivers, CA

11/5/2010 10:35:57 AM

I really appreciate all the information reagarding Cancer in dogs..We have a 15 wk old puppy and it was wonderful to read that we are doing the right things when it comes to her care..She only get pure water, there is NO smoking in my home, she is right on track with her weight..This information will come in handy when she is much older..Thanks for the info..

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Marvin   Desert Hot Springs, CA

11/5/2010 9:55:49 AM

I just lost an Austrailian Shepherd, very young only 7. Could the neighbord oleander be the cause. Cound some one throw something ovwr my fence.

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Kathy   Johnston, IA

11/5/2010 9:53:34 AM

Lawn chemicals also can be extremely dangerous as dogs sniff the grass, lick it and sometimes eat grass. I truly believe that our almost 2-year-old chocolate Lab died from such exposure

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Teresa   Toronto, ON

11/5/2010 9:29:40 AM

What about avoiding all the processed dog food full of additives, including things we wouldn't feed our children because they are known to cause cancer. Why does dog food need food coloring added to it ? My rule is...If I don't know what it is I am not eating it and neither are my dogs!!

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Joy and LilyPup   Odenton, MD

11/5/2010 8:18:42 AM

Very interesting and provides a lot to think about

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Debra   Statesville, NC

11/5/2010 5:15:59 AM

This was a very informative publication. Thank you so much.

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