Comments on Royal Canin Adds Product to the Dog Food Recall

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Brigitte   Sierra Vista, AZ

6/19/2008 11:43:03 AM

Thank God that at least this company is taking actions on there own. Pet owners are getting more aware of what these ruthless and emoral companys put in the pet food. I would love to see all of the responsible manufactures held responsible for their actions. Is there a gov. food regulation for what side products and fillers can be used in dog food?? It is more than sick what you find out about ingridients in dog food when you do a little research. I educated myself when I lost my dear Grizzly (dog) due to cancer, melignant melenoma, and it did have to do with the dog food he was eating. I spend a lot of money on food for my dogs trying to get the best of the best and still it is never what it claims to be. Why cant someone manufacture good dog food?? A lot of pet owners are willing to pay more for a good and SAFE product.Instead we are slowly poisening our pets and feeding them there own deseased.

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martha   topsham, ME

5/29/2008 8:27:21 AM

i feed my llasa apso royal canin so because he has allergies and had also had surgery for bladder stones. he has tolerated royal canin so the best of several brands of dry food i've tried. i'm very concerned about the recall. does royal canin so contain gluten??????????? is it safe???????? please let me know asap @ mellenm@ thank you.

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