Comments on Investigation Continues in Michael Vick Dogfighting Case

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Regin   Philadelphia, PA

2/14/2008 2:15:46 PM

He needs to be thrown into a jailcell and have the key thrown away. toss it into a garbage bin; if it's full you'll never find it before the garbage truck takes it..

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Katie   Suwanee, GA

11/20/2007 9:05:26 AM

When this happend I thought he should be exocuted for his crime. But he paid his way out of it and is plaing foot-ball again! I dont think that celebrities should have speicail jail treatmant just beacuse there famous, there just normal people who happen to be on tv.

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Patty   Youngstown, OH

6/3/2007 7:04:13 PM

He should not be allowed to play football any longer, and should DEFINTELY not be allowed to be a dog breeder! He didn't KNOW what was going on in his OWN home? A LARGE Kennel?? Give me a break!

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Jessica   Endicott, NY

6/3/2007 11:52:29 AM

This is susposed to be a man that children look up to. And he's condoning this kind of sickness. I hope he gets charged and at the least taken off the NFL football team!!!

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shannon   Redding, CA

6/2/2007 2:11:38 AM



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