Comments on Eye Discharge in Dogs

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

12/30/2012 5:19:10 AM

Good information to know.

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skiw9748   Hartford, AL

11/30/2012 3:53:53 PM

This is good information to know !

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Jenn   Rochester, NY

12/7/2011 5:53:28 PM

I have a neobolish Mastiff she is 11 years old She has appeared to have a tissue surrounding the bottom of the eye. It has recently become Red and Is bloody. MAstiffs tend to have eye issues. I wiped her eye with a tissue and it is all blood. What is it?

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blackkey   miri, MS

12/1/2011 2:17:58 AM

dry eyes and body shaking problem

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Harley   abingdon, VA

10/21/2011 8:57:15 AM

i found a stray dog and decided to keep him and feed him untill i can find him a home but yesterday he had yellow/green discharge in the corners of his eyes dogs have all their vaccines but im worried to let them around the stray any advice?


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Connie   Camden, TN

10/20/2011 6:25:18 PM

I have a 3yr Maltese eye where stained when we first got him at the age of 7 months used angel eyes and they cleared up. 2 weeks ago he has the eye stains again. Does any one know why it came back after so long?

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Lenore   Fayetteville, NC

1/26/2011 12:34:51 PM

My granddaughter's 1 y/o female Bichon Frise has a constant brown discharge from her eyes. Is this normal?

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janet   bethlehem, PA

9/15/2010 9:16:15 AM

good article, thanks

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Florence Coney   Marco Island, FL

6/15/2010 7:30:14 AM

I think the comments are great, but can you answer a question that has been bothering me about giving my dog Angel eyes for the discharge and dis coloration on her fur, just don't know whether to us it or not??? people I ask all have different answers.

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ruth   charlotte, NC

9/23/2009 10:59:38 AM

is there any home remieds for my dogs cherry eye.


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Martha   Knoxville, TN

8/30/2009 8:58:47 AM

informative-more interested in eye allergies

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Joan   Collegeville, PA

6/15/2009 12:42:23 PM

My Toy Fox Terrier is healthy and has his routine checkups, but since we adopted him at 9 weeks, he has tear stained eyes. Sometimes they are worse than other times. His groomer has suggested "Angel Eyes" that she uses for her
This is added to their food. I see it advertised in many speciality magazines, also. Is this safe?

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janet   bethlehem, PA

5/15/2009 4:27:15 AM

good article thanks

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4/18/2009 8:17:32 AM

I adopted a shih tzu and know little about the breed she has bad allergies scratches eyes all the time some clear discharge from the eyes looks so sad aia give her benadril all the time unable to afford vet bills all the time can I give her other over the counter med thats better long lasting? she is 2yr old healthy every other way. thanks

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Mona   Oceanside, CA

9/15/2008 8:39:54 PM

I just love all these articles!

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Halie   Hollywood, CA

9/14/2008 5:59:42 PM

Thanks for the info!

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Marie   Los Angeles, CA

9/9/2008 3:07:56 PM


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mary   ptld, ME

8/21/2008 3:16:17 AM

good article.

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Pamela   Atlanta, GA

7/22/2008 8:53:03 PM

This was very helpful for me and my dog!

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