Comments on Dog Owners Warned of Waterborne Disease

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paula   medina, OH

5/7/2011 6:55:18 AM

do you think this shot is killing dogs??? some breeders think so. [show dog people ] whats your comment?? ???

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Ellen   San Antonio, TX

2/22/2011 11:10:38 AM

My dog stopped eating and I took her to the vet. She is 4 years old and they did not suspect acute kidney failure. She was tested and was positive for leptospirosis. The emergency vets in San Antonio said that this disease is rampant in the city. After thousands of dollars and much love and attention we have saved our beloved dog. I was not aware that there was a vaccine. I will make sure all of our animals have the vaccine yearly.

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Arianna   Eagle Point, OR

2/4/2011 6:30:38 PM

I mentioned this to my vet because I heard there was a vaccine for this. However, his reply was that in our area (Oregon) he did not recommend it. Supposedly not a problem in this area and we have lots of water to speak of.

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Sandy   Abilene, TX

3/29/2010 3:47:48 AM

Did not know this. Will be sure and use this information.

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Danielle   Bartlesville, OK

7/3/2008 7:45:38 PM

Wow, I didn't know that.


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Claire   Azusa, CA

7/3/2008 5:13:33 PM

Interesting. I wasn't aware of that.

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Layton   Glendive, MT

7/3/2008 3:11:52 PM

ew......... Ill watch out as best as i can!

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Cheril   Amarillo, TX

7/3/2008 12:11:43 PM

Thanks for the info! I knew this, but it's always good to get a "refresher course!" Thanks, again!

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Jennifer   Madras, OR

7/3/2008 9:54:42 AM

great article

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Dara   Eden, NC

7/3/2008 8:12:41 AM

Thanks for the info!!!


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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

7/3/2008 7:54:39 AM

Thank u for the information, i was going to take my dogs for a hunting day but, it seems that is just walking today!!!!

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Christy   Covina, CA

7/3/2008 6:51:19 AM

Good info to know!

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