Comments on Warrant Served for Mayor Who Freed Dogs in Forest

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Cindy   Kingson, MI

8/4/2011 6:20:15 PM

I think that if he had tried, he could have found homes for them. Just put plee on his local news and would have been adopted.

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Cheryl   Monaca, PA

7/7/2008 12:44:36 AM

If you wanna criticize him - then give him a 3rd option - killing them is not an answer.

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erin roou   Black River Falls, WI

7/5/2008 4:44:06 PM

well if he thinks relessing them in the wild is going to save thier life. It's not going to. The dogs could just as eaisly be killed by bears or wolves. At least if they are euthnised they can go in peace without any pain.He deserved to be punished with animal crulty for putting those dogs lifes in danger.

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Jennifer   Madras, OR

7/5/2008 10:21:27 AM

stupid guy

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

7/5/2008 8:48:52 AM

He saved the dogs!!!!!!


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CoCo   Mesa, AZ

7/4/2008 6:58:53 PM

Ethically, it is wrong to abandon an animal to fend for themself. It is also unethical to euthanize an animal simply because we don't have room. It is just that one is legal and one is not. What if the Mayor didn't care and felt no emotions about these dogs being put to death by lethal injection? Then he wouldn't be in the trouble he's in now. Instead, it hurt him and he thought up an alternative, not a good alternative, but something he thought would be better. We don't need to go after the Mayor. We need to go after this system our society has created of killing healthy dogs in dog


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Jenn   Wallingford, CT

7/4/2008 1:19:50 PM

Weren't there any no-kill animal shelters in the area, in the state? Were these dogs capable of taking care of themselves in a forest, or were they dependent upon human care? If Valley's area has to worry about only ten dogs I'm certain a solution could have been found.

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Christy   Covina, CA

7/4/2008 7:52:57 AM

Sometimes ya get what ya deserve!!!

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