Comments on California Spay-Neuter Bill in Limbo

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traci   pollock pines, CA

9/1/2008 2:18:22 AM

I'm for it because we need not have more puppies when we can't even take care of the dogs we have, adopt a dog there are so many that already need homes.

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Rikki   San Francisco, CA

8/24/2008 7:09:58 PM

AB 1634 would have done nothing positive to address the problems in California's animal shelters. That's why the State Humane Association of California withdrew their support for AB 1634. The State Humane Association of California represent nearly 140 of California's humane societies, SPCAs, public animal shelters, and private animal shelters. That's also why Alley Cat Allies -- the nation's main advocate for feral cats -- opposes AB 1634. That's why No Kill shelter movement advocate Nathan Winograd opposes AB

California's humane movement doesn't want AB

Like every other mandatory spay/neuter law that's been passed, AB 1634 would have ended up killing more dogs and cats, not saving them. In the 6 months since Los Angeles passed their mandatory spay/neuter ordinance, shelter euthanasias have increased by

While testifying on behalf of AB 1634 at the recent Senate committee hearing, LAAS general manager Ed Boks said "No Senator, this is not about saving dogs and

AB 1634 has nothing to do with saving dogs and cats. It was a naked attempt to find some excuse to package forced sterilization for dogs and cats, even though every argument made by its proponents has been thoroughly discredited. At the end, AB 1634 became nothing more than an attempt to hand dis-elected Assembly member Lloyd Levine a gold watch retirement gift. Thank goodness the state senate saw the truth.

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Amanda   NY, NY

8/24/2008 1:50:16 PM

I think that owners should spay/neuter their dog but it shouldn't be required.

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Celena   Dallas, NC

8/24/2008 11:10:22 AM

TO Patty: Repeat offenders are roaming animals. Animals that are allowed outside unaltered and they can mate with
To Everyone Else: there are thousands of animals in shelter, recuse groups and on the streets that people have abandoned. What happens to these animals that don't find homes? Some stay at a rescue groups or foster homes for the rest of their lives. Others are euthanized b/c there is no room from them at the shelters or they can't afford the vet bills. Some of the animals in the shelters and such come from breeders and people who allow the animals to roam free. Those are the animals that need to be altered. The ones that owners don't care who they mate with or if they mate. If you want to breed your animals I say fine, but please do it responsibly. Also allow just anyone to breed animals is where you get the bad breeders. The ones that place the animals in cages and all they do is have babies. If you really want to allow your animal to breed please be responsible for your animal and theie
Lastly, I found a website that talks about the bill, allows you to read the bill, has interviews, and much more.

Go to

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Patty   La Mirada, CA

8/24/2008 7:58:22 AM

I tried reading the Bill but the link wouldn't work. The article reads that only "certain conditions" would require sterilization, so it's not saying that ALL dogs and cats would have to be sterilized. Still, I don't see how "repeat offenders" would need to be fixed. Does this mean "bad" dogs/cats? Or just ones that have a lot of pups/kittens?


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Jenny   New Oxford, PA

8/24/2008 7:22:27 AM

I think this bill was put before the state with all the best intentions in HELPING to reduce the pet population. This will not solve the pet over population issue, but here is a start! A beautiful flower has to start from a seed!

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Cheryl   Conway, MO

8/23/2008 6:44:53 PM

I think owners should spay/neuter their animals, unless they are a registered breeder. It would save a lot of unwanted animals dying everyday.

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Jennifer   Bowling Green, KY

8/23/2008 2:58:35 PM

I like the idea of this bill...there are plenty of abandoned animals in shelters that could be adopted instead of breeding more animals. I personally don't see how anyone can breed dogs or cats in good conscience, knowing about the pet overpopulation problem and the shelters that are filled with animals which are adoptable.

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s   s, ID

8/23/2008 2:34:32 PM

I don't think owners should be required to neuter their animals. It makes no sense and the likelihood that aggresion is going to be passed on to offspring is low.

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

8/23/2008 2:23:11 PM

if u want to breed ur dog i think is your bussiness not the state!!


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Sue   3 Oaks, MI

8/23/2008 1:10:00 PM

I think I'd have to hear more details about the bill...but the idea of neutering pets is such an important one we cannot & should not continue to ignore it! Do all the people who are against it realize how many dogs & cats are put down each year?? The numbers are outrageously staggering!!

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Celena   Dallas, NC

8/23/2008 10:01:30 AM

I think this bill is a great idea. I do not live in CA but I have done my research on it. There are some exemptions to the bill. If you want to breed your dog or cat you can get a permit and if it is unsafe to have you animal fix then a letter or certificate from your vet stating this means you don't have to fix your animal. There are many animals out there that don't have homes because people didn't get there animals fixed and allowed them to run free. If you can't afford your vet to fix your your animals, there are low cost spay/neuter clinics all around the country. If you can't afford the low cost spay/neuter programs then you probably can't afford an animal anyway. Remember the words of Bob Barker "Help control the animal population. Have your pet spayed or neutered."

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Janet   Santa Barbara, CA

8/23/2008 8:37:50 AM

This bill is bad for dogs and cats, bad for their owners. It would increase euthanasias. I hope it never sees the light of day again.

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Bill   Coalinga, CA

8/23/2008 7:58:07 AM

It was a bad bill when it was initiated - a worse bill when it was amended and deserves to be trashed. It is totally unnecessary - will not solve the overpopulation problem and will make it even worse. Proponents of this bill-especially Assemblyman Levine have outright lied and manipulated the truth in order to push this bill through.

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