Comments on Georgia Dogfighting Raid Leads to Arrest

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sharon   Miami, FL

8/21/2011 2:06:27 PM

I am so glad they are finally cracking down on this horrible crime! these people are similar to Sadists to enjoy watching helpless animals inflict pain on each other for the "so called human?) beings pleasure and profit. these people are serial killers in training according to the FBI profilers, they start out abusing and killing defenseless animals and then "graduate" to abusing vulnerable members of society, like homeless people, Senior citizens and/or children. They deserve stiff penalties. may they rot in jail!

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5/16/2009 5:07:33 PM

I think he sure been lock up and key throw away.It wrong .Those poor dogs, don;t know which way togo.Its sad to know thah people out there will do that to a poor dog. IT NEEDS TO STOP....

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Cheryl   Conway, MO

8/28/2008 7:18:12 PM

Its about time that states started cracking down on people who use dogs to fight.

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linda h.   greenwood, SC

8/28/2008 6:13:38 PM

What happened to innocent till proven guilty? How do you charge someone with intent to fight dogs. He was not arrested for fighting dogs, but with the intent to fight dogs. I know plenty of people with treadmills who let thier dogs workout. What about Cesar, the Dog Whisperer? He works dogs out all the time. All I can say is that if everyone does'nt stop BSL now, you better look out. Fido the Chow and Bengi the Peekapoo will be next. PETA freaks won't stop till have all the dogs.

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Celena   Dallas, NC

8/28/2008 1:56:22 PM

I think it is great that they have arrested that man. To be honest I think they should make the punishment worse if caught fighting dogs or hurting animals in general.


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Weldon   Dallas, TX

8/28/2008 8:58:26 AM

article is ok,arresting a man for having bulldogs,equipment,etc,is kinda ignorant.Catch man fighting a dog,sure,assuming a man is fighting a dog,stupid.

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