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Jennine   Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania

9/29/2014 11:13:31 AM

My dog pumpkin is 8 years old and I'm going through this it has costed me 1200.00 dollars that I really don't have im so discusted that my vet never told me that this could happen she looked soooo pitiful she couldn't even lift her head but now she's doing good I'm supposed to pick her up today

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hazel   goulburn, International

2/12/2014 4:41:13 PM

Female dog, spayed just after new year 2014, now, has very painful swelling in the tubes, radiating down to her Vulva. help please

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Hazel   Crookwell, International

2/12/2014 4:34:16 PM

Spayed my bitch at 12 months, 6 weeks later she can't run or jump, her lower belly is swollen and painful. help please

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erion   tirana, Illinois

1/5/2014 5:00:17 AM

Is normal that my dog, opereted from an oh pyomtra still have charges from vagina?

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Tangie   Cincinnati, Ohio

10/9/2013 8:51:06 AM

We just had our dog 8 year old dog, Selena put to sleep because of this. We just could not afford to pay what was needed for the X-ray or the surgery. In total it would have cost about close to $2000.00 for everything and she was pretty weak. So it's possible that she might have not made it through the surgery. Up until it was time for her to be out to sleep she still loved having that belly rub. As I fight back the tears. I wish that I would have saw this article last month because that's was when she was in heat and we would have gotten to it sooner.

Thanks for the article.


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ravi   gurgoan, International

2/12/2013 7:43:33 PM

my bitch 13 years old lasa apso is suffering from uterine infection. because of her age we dont want to get her spay......................can someone suggest any oral medicine pls help

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Maria Casellas   Miami, FL

5/16/2012 5:26:25 PM

We took our dog to Tamiami animal hospital in sw 8 st and 127th AVE, miami, fl. We took our beutiful Schnauzer( Pepper) to have him check her and he missed diagnosed her. He prescribed antibiotics, she seemed well for a few weeks but later became lethargic and was not eating nor drinking, we then took her to another vet who properly diagnosed her but it was too late. Our beutiful pepper died today at 8:00 pm. We loved our dog.

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Tiffany   Billings, MT

4/22/2012 10:56:35 AM

My mom just had a painful encounter with this infection. She noticed her seven year old shepard mix wasn't acting right and took her to the vet. Sadly she died before they could operate. They had her on the table and had just put the tube down her throat when she took a breath and died. They only found out later what it was. I wish we had known the info in this article before.

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Tammi   Florence, KY

4/5/2012 10:40:48 AM

Thank you for this article.....I know more now than I did 5 minutes ago!

We have a 6 yr old chihuahua and recently got a 2 yr old male chihuahua and found them tied 42 days ago. Miss Priss, the female's stomach just popped out over the weekend and we thought for sure she was pregnant and took her to the vet today.

They did X-ray and found NO babies...did a white blood count and where it should have been 18 was 24. The vet is sending the X-ray to a specialist to look at but thinks she may have pyometra. They said an ultra sound would help to determine it....but is $300....the surgery to remove it would be $500.....neither of which we have.

We are devastated! She is our baby! My daughter got her when she was 10 yrs old for Christmas and she is now 16....she sleeps first with my husband and then with my daughter every night, and she goes EVERYWHERE with us.....she is the sweetest dog.....I'm waiting to talk to the vet. I had never heard of this and when we first got her and they stressed spay, we were never told this was possible....EVEN IF SHE NEVER MATED!

We don't know what to do next! They said bring her back in a week for another Xray to try and find baby skeletons....but that could be too long couldn't it????

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sandy   waterbury, CT

12/5/2011 4:36:47 PM

My 4 yr old Husky is now 24 hrs post op for pyometra. She showed no obvious systoms of being ill until 1 week ago when she vomited her dinner. That was also the last day the she ate anything. Each day she seemed "not like herself" but that was not atypical for her. By Saturday morning, it was apparent that something was wrong. Thinkng that she may have eatten something that either grossly disagreed with her of was lodged in her stomach I took her to the vet. Her temp was fine. The xray showed 2 masses in the stomach area. Bloods were drawn. The vet said an ultrasound would be more conclusive but I lacked the funds for the $400-$500 procedure. The followng morn, the vet called and said that the blood work pointed to a possible case of pyometra. Again, he suggested an ultra sound, which he does not do. The 2 emergency clinics again were cost prohibatve. At my prodding the vet, agreed to do exploratory surgery Sunday afternoon. Being a small country vet, and not have a state of the art surgery room was the reason for his hestation. I was very greatful for his open honesty. But again, the emergency clinics were going to be $2000. to $3000., which I definately did not have. He agreed to do the surgery with the stipulation that I pick her up afterwards since he does not have a staff person on duty 24 hrs and he did not want my baby to be left alone. He was concerned that she might start to hemorage. Well we are not totally out of the woods yet but I can definately see my baby slowly returning to her normal self. She is taking and keeping down small am0ounts of chicken. She is taking her antibiotic with no problem. Her tail s again up and wagging. She is drinking water and voiding. She is even ringing the bell to go outside. Her eyes are less grey. There is more pep in her steps.

In my 40 years of having unspayed females I can now appreciate why vets nowadays stress the importance of spaying if you are not going to breed your pup.


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willie   ewslaco tx, TX

12/3/2011 5:06:13 AM

My 1st experience with thisin my female dog ..very goodinfo..I'm low on funds my question is cana shot of penecilin help her .she is a rott

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Denise   Wallkill, NY

11/28/2011 10:15:05 AM

We have a 12 year old White German Shepard who 10 days ago ways showing signs of distressed breathing, we took her to the clinic who did xrays and found her lungs to be completly white and she also has a uterus infection. They suggested to put her down, we asked for alternatives and so was antibaotic shot given, she has maintained with little change, some improved breathing but now we have bleeding coming from her uterus. Not sure if she is in heat again or is this more symtoms. We are afraid to take her back to the clinic as they will want to put her down. I don't want her to suffer but i also don't want to give up on her either. She has always been healthy and strong willed and is loved so much what should we do!

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simer   trenton, NJ

11/29/2010 1:17:38 PM

I have pomerarian bich. She is 12 yrs old and she has pyometra. The pus is spreading in her body. If she is opeated what are the chances of her survival and she is not eating anything, what shld be given to her in that
Please revert it urgent

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joju   new york, NY

10/7/2010 1:35:09 AM

if the infection is detected early can we go for antibiotic treatment .if so which drug will u suggest?

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Toni   Houston, TX

3/15/2010 11:39:58 AM

On a Saturday my dog Ruca started panting really hard so we thought that maybe she just needed to go out side. We let her out and she ran for the back fence and began to throw up. We thought that maybe it was just something that she had eaten and that it would pass. We gave her some water and brought her back inside to rest. About an hour later she begin to get sick again so we let her out side. She threw up twice, huge amounts and then refused to come inside. We watched her till we went to bed and in the middle of the night she got up and threw up again, we rushed her to the emergency vet and that is when the vet told us that she had an infection in her uterus. He told us that by this time it was so sever that her chances were not good. We had to options, we could give antibiotics (which he thought that by this point they would do nothing) or there was surgery which he also said it was not a good chance that she would make it. He just told us to make her as comfortable as possible. She was still moving around at this point, jumping in and out of the truck and really showing no huge signs of anything serious. By the next morning is when she would hardly move. We called the vet and they gave us some tips on how to just make her comfortable. She didn’t want inside and just wanted to be left alone. At one point she was trying to crawl under some bushes in our back yard. Around 1 she could not move at all and would not respond to anything. She threw up one more time. We thought that she was just trying to push whatever she had in her stomach out. Around 3 she began to cry and it was a cry that I had never heard before. At this time we started to load her into the truck, we did not want to see her suffer. She died on the way to the vet in our
It all happened very fast and pretty much without warning! I advise that you have your pet fixed. I wish that we would have, we could have saved a member of my family!

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Jasmine   Riverside, CA

2/3/2010 3:06:30 PM

Thanks for the clear explanation. Just had my dog spayed, and I had been holding out on the spaying since I'm ambivalent about spaying (not really sure if a dog is healthier spayed long term). Decided to do this today and the doctor indicated that it was a good thing since apparently my dog had mucus in her uterus - a possible sign of pyometra. Didn't realize that this was such a strong possibility for non-spayed dogs that are not being bred. Until today, no vet has ever mentioned that pyometra is a distinct risk for unspayed dogs.


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cheryl   Stanwood, WA

1/9/2010 12:35:31 PM

We have a Bichon who has had chronic problems with urinary tract infection, frequent urination accidents esp in the evening, increased thirst and eye infections. After reading several articles and taking her to another vet, they suggested exploratory surgery to see if she has an infected uterine stump. She is spayed. She also likes to lay on a heating pad - acts like she doesn't feel well sometimes. I was in shock. We have the surgery scheduled. Has anyone else's dog shared the same symptoms with a spayed animal??

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lesley   epping, LA

1/7/2010 10:54:52 AM

Unfortunately our golden retriever had to be put down today because of this. Goodnight, thank you for our memories.

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carey   oshkosh, WI

1/6/2010 9:08:10 AM

I never knew of this condition. If I had my dog would of been spayed right away. I had to put my 10 year old German shepard down 2 days ago because she had pyometra. She was fine on Sunday playing with my other dog, Monday morning she could'nt even get up an walk. She drank bowls of water and puked it all out, it was terrible to see my pet go through that. I have a 1 year old pup that will be spayed, asap.

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Bobbi   Timmins, ON

12/15/2009 2:22:45 PM

Our little dog wasnt doing too well....She was acting as if she was pregnant, she was very tired and lazy all the time and just not herself...she was having problems walking standting it was sad to see...We didnt know what was going on with her AT ALL... Last night we noticed that there was a straw colored fluid that was flowing out from her jayjay and we were quite concerned.... We called the vet at 2am and they said it sounded like Pyometra, I had never heard of it before.. so I googled it and I found this article... Thats when my husband and I started to panic... In the morning we brought her to the animal hospital and they took her right away. When they removed her uterus it was 3.3 pounds. She was also having some kidney failure and the poison had spread to her blood (toximia), so it was touch and go for her for the first bit... She is still in the hospital hooked up to IVs for her kidneys but the vet said she is expected to have a full recovery!!!!!

This was one of the most scariest things that we ever had to go through and Im so glad that the vets were able to safe her.....

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