Comments on Women Keep Spending on Their Dogs

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Genete   Santa Maria, CA

12/3/2008 1:48:23 PM

I LOVE my three doxie girls & would do ANYTHING for them!! I also give back by volunteering & working for the Am. Red Cross pet first aid program which helps countless animals. I believe in this program but also like the idea that I can touch so many lives. Animals are so giving & truly wonderful, how can we not do for them.

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colette   greensboro, AL

12/3/2008 1:46:10 PM

nothing wrong with that i love my dogs and they're completely worth it :)

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Patricia   Youngstown, OH

12/3/2008 1:18:07 PM

I agree with all of those women!! I definitely will spend money on my dog! He is worth it!

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lala   salinas, CA

12/3/2008 1:08:31 PM

if i had the money i would do more for the girls and do more for the ones that need it

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Heather   Richmond, VA

12/3/2008 11:30:47 AM

I budget decent amounts of money to feed myself healthy, quality food. Why wouldn't I do that for my dog? I care about him JUST as much as I care about myself. My spending habits for my dog will not change, no matter how crappy the economy is.


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Donna   Limington, ME

12/3/2008 9:59:58 AM

I would be in that category of spending money on my pets, why not? BOL

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

12/3/2008 9:27:51 AM

Wow, those quite the statistics! I'm not that suprized though- people really love their pets!

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S   3 Oaks, MI

12/3/2008 7:33:48 AM

Wow! I love my dog SO much, but I could not afford to spend $160 on him at once unless it's something he really needed! How about spending a little less, and donating some money (or old toys, towels, dog food, etc.) to an animal shelter?

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