Comments on DMX Pleads Guilty to Cruelty to Dogs

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Phil   Salina, KS

1/5/2009 5:08:06 PM

Nail this scumbag to the cross. Just because he is famous is no reason not to look him up and throw away the key. Anything else sets a bad example that the rich and famous get a free pass and the other animal abusers go to jail. Book Em DANO!

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Debbie   Ephrata, PA

1/3/2009 7:40:52 PM

I think this is an outrage!! Why should he be so priveledged to enter into a plea "bargain", if he has already done this repeatedly in the past. Just get him off the streets for AT LEAST 10 YEARS, thenput him on house arrest for the rest of his sick life!!

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Tammy   Louisville, KY

1/3/2009 11:03:19 AM

Shame, shame on him!!! May he get what he deserves right along all the other "popular" and common people who abuse and are cruel to dogs. Are they that bored with their lives that they have to entertain themselves by being blantantly inhumane?

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Mary   Battle Creek, MI

1/3/2009 10:13:46 AM

That's just wrong.

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Tara   Dublin, TX

1/3/2009 9:23:22 AM

woooooow..........thats just wrong. thats why i dont read suff like this. like recently in the newsparper, dogs were just randomly being found with a bullet lodged in their head. I really hope that the police find these kind of people before I do..........otherwise I'm going to beat them all with something sharp.


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lk   milfore, CT

1/2/2009 6:27:11 PM

he's a creep

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Genete   Santa Maria, CA

1/2/2009 12:53:53 PM

These music icons ( or as they want to be known-I feel their choice of music is vulgar & distasteful) are a poor excuse for kids to idiolize. Not only is their music foul but also is their actions as seen here. Why do these men think it is macho to hurt & torture innocent animals.? These folks in the spotlight need to be made a bigger example of & not just get off so lightly.

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madie   greensboro, AL

1/2/2009 7:20:35 AM

i dont know how people can be so cruel to animals.. dogs are the best and i cant believe how mean people can be to them and not even feel badly for it. he shouldve gotten more punishment. animal cruelty is a serious offense and i think a lot of people are getting off with a slap on the wrist for it.

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Jane   Amherst, MA

1/2/2009 6:47:00 AM

That's a creepy guy.

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Me   Hamilton, NJ

1/2/2009 6:06:20 AM

What a joke! I think he should have gotten more, they let him off with a possible 90 days and going to an animal offenders program. This is why the world is soo screwed up because they let people like this back out on the street and just give them a slap on the hand. Maybe they should leave him where they found the dogs for a week with no food or water.


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