Comments on Lumps Near Dog’s Jaw Cause Concern

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

4/20/2013 5:27:38 AM

Interesting, good information to know.

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Bob   Bend, Oregon

11/12/2012 12:24:46 PM

It may be a combination of issues in your dog. I have a cocker mix 12 year old female dog and she has similar issues: hair thinning, even a bald area where her tail meets her lower body. I found a lump under her chest but the vet said it is nothing to be concerned with and not cancerous (after a biopsy). But yesterday I noticed she has swollen and semi-hard lumps below her ear (both sides) at the top of her neck, below the jaw. It is likely a swollen lymph gland. She also has hypothyroid and Cushings-like symptoms but test indidated not, but am treathing her as if she has Cushings and the meds seem to help her hair thinning, yet she is always hungry and drinks lots of water. Although I do not want her to be in any paid, she appears not to have any, but at age 12.5 years we don't want to continue spending lots of money if she's near the end of her time. What to do?

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Michele   Sanat Rosa, CA

4/18/2009 10:47:02 PM

My 6 year neutered male Doberman has been visably less than himself for a year or mabey alittle more. My vet has done extensive testing on him. He started with skin problems, somewhat severe almost like seboria and has been that way for over a year-clear skin scrapes, blood tests and changes in diet have not helped. Then his lack of appetite and lower energy levels began. With that he began drinking large amounts of water and still everything along with alot of money spent has not given us any answers. He still continues to loose weight, has had conjunctivitis for months on eye ointments and I just now found his Lymph nodes in his neck feel like they are not just one lump but a lump with alot of little lupms grown on them. I have put so much money into this dog in his short 6 years that I am affraid to jump again. I never get any answers even though I have been searching for over a year and have gotten none. Don"t get me wrong, I was a vet tech for 12 years and his vet I trust and worked for but I feel like I keep searching and can't help him. If anyone can I would love the input.

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