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Dean   UK, Hawaii

9/22/2014 4:31:53 PM

Yes! Raw all the


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Sally H   London, International

9/18/2014 11:23:05 AM

I feed my pup 80% meat, 10% meaty bone and 10% liver/organ. First two weeks without the organ meat then introduced it gradually. She has increased energy, much happier, shinier coat and actually gets sooo excited about her dinner, which she didn't before. Also the amount to feed was 2-3% of their expected adult body weight. She is thriving on it and poops less too. Win:win

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Ana   Dallas, Texas

7/30/2014 12:47:13 PM

My dog got mange ( not the contagious one, the one that you inherit ), he had Giardia before Mange, which make his immune system weak. He also had a lot of problem with gas. No matter what kind of kibbles I bought (super premium, grain free, etc - even purchased $100/bags) he would still pass gas like crazy. The raw diet (I do mainly beef - including beef ribs, he loves that) has been clearing up his skin and NO gas. The dog I have is a Pit Bul,, 65 lbs. I have a chihuahua too (5lbs) and she started on the raw diet. So far, her shedding has started to
My take so far is that I have seen improvements and they are doing far better on raw food than kibbles. Kibbles are processed food, doesnt matter how "natural" they claim to be.

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Suzanne   Albany, NY

3/6/2012 11:07:14 AM

I researched going with raw food for my dog after she suffered some problems with her uterus (we’ve since had her spayed) but I was also concerned with raw meat contaminants and also the expense. Instead we put her on a grain-free diet. I swear I read every label on every bag of natural grain-free dog food on the market, and found one I liked for her called Alpha with really great ingredients (garbanzo beans, zucchini) and super foods (blueberries). I think raw may work for some people, but grain-free really works for us.

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Andy   Reading, PA

2/8/2012 7:42:52 AM

So where do I start, concerning what raw meats to (and not to) feed my dog? I'm new to this, and need some guidance. Any suggestions?


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Joanna   pplace, IL

3/19/2011 2:19:55 AM

Don't feed raw ground meat more chance of bacterial contamination chunks are ok feed ground meat totally cooked or 10 minute cooked so that all contamination is cooked out, but there are still a lot of nutrients for a complete diet do 30% meat and/or dairy 30% grains 40% vegetables My 7kg mutt has been fed this for 2 wks now and he loves it

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Debra   Raynham, MA

3/13/2011 3:09:59 PM

Our breeder feeds raw only, w/kibble mixed in when supply is low. I have a problem w/raw diet. Have read whatever I find online, discussed w/vet., etc. One adult dog has skin allergy which necessitates a Wellness whitefish & sweet potato recipe that has cleared him up, but he got bored w/it. An older dog has elevated liver enzyme, so he needs a low purine, low fat etc. diet now. New puppy from the breeder who feeds raw wants anything, but will voraciously eat up any meats. I have a problem with NOT cooking, so I have just made up a big batch of slightly cooked ground meats, added some to their kibbles, they loved it. I am peeling apples now, and will add them with carrot strips to the meat mixture, keep in containers in my frig. and see how it goes for this week. Calculations show that what I bought today comes to a little LESS than what I've been spending for their premium foods. This will be interesting!

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Anne   Raleigh, NC

12/5/2010 6:41:49 PM

Our dogs were transformed by a raw diet - they lost weight, coats are shiny, great breath and they do NOT smell like dogs. One of them stunk and had bad breath always before the change. They LOVE the diet and we noticed a big activity increase in the older dog. I think we were giving them toxins in dry dog food w/o even realizing it. I will always feed this way forever. Too many great changes over the past 5 years that we have done it. Our geriatric dog has none of the diseases or issues that our past dogs have had at her age(13 years old and 60 lbs.) so that is another huge indicator that something is right with the diet.

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Kathryn   Belton, MO

5/12/2010 10:44:42 AM

I enjoyed the article, it was non-biased. I started feeding my dogs completely raw a month ago, and adapted to it quite easily.

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

11/26/2009 6:32:36 AM

good article thanks


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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

10/19/2009 6:02:39 PM

Very interesting article-I'm going to do more research on this. Thanks!

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RunAmok-Farm   St. Maries, ID

3/30/2009 7:39:17 PM

So glad to see such an article here! We are natural-rearing breeders (miniature Australian Shepherds & Australian Terriers) and we feed all of our lovely dogs a Species-Appropriate Raw Food diet -- "SARF". What an amazing difference from the many years we fed commercial foods!

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Edrenea Ferency   Long Beach, CA

3/21/2009 7:27:38 PM

I feed my Great Dane a raw prey-model diet with great results, and I'm happy to see a positive article on raw feeding here. Sadly, too many traditional veterinarians are not properly informed of the safety and benefits of raw feeding, but with more mainstream promotion, hopefully, this may change.

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John-Henry   Reston, VA

3/11/2009 1:24:04 PM

I have been an advocate of feeding Raw ever since we lost our Rottie to bloat about ten years ago. A benefit that that you did not add is that feeding raw also provides additional exercise for the stomach that kibble or caned food does not, keeping greater tone to the digestive system and reduced chances of bloat.

My work allows me to see a large number of dogs and there is no question that the ones feed a good raw diet are much more healthy and seem to show signs of age slower.

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