Comments on Illinois Hears Bill on Tail Docking, Ear Cropping

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Sue   St Paul, MN

11/11/2009 8:09:55 AM


Please learn how to spell. Humans can make a choice to have an elective surgery. These animals are not given a choice. They are being tortured without their consent. Go back to school and learn something please!

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rusty   litchfield, IL

10/8/2009 8:56:44 AM

think of it this way if u had a huge node or your boobs where to small u would have surgery to fix it right hundereds of men and wemen get surgury every day to change their aperence i guess that inhumane to hug. or human babbys being cercumsiezed. whats the diference if i want my dogs ears croped? if u have a problem with it u should look ur self n the mirror and contridiked ur self for having ur childrens pennis skin removed. its fine to have ur dogs ears croped if you want them done it should b ur decishion

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rusty   litchfiel, IL

10/8/2009 8:42:14 AM

i think ear croping is fine if vets wont crop them then owners will start doing it their selves thearfor vets should four the sake of the dogs. owners look at a sertain breed n pacific ways like i wouldnt want a dovermav or a pit bull with out their ears croped why not just let bull dogs have their youn naterally couse it will kill the birth mother we imbreed and created what we wanted and if u want ur ears done u should b ale to have it done buy a profeshinal vet that can care for it right dont ban it couse ur just hurting the dog theyll get croped if the owners have to resort doing it themselvs

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Anti-Docking Alliance (ADA)   not USA, AL

3/13/2009 5:13:57 PM

Modern science tells us that neonates certainly feel pain and the level of pain is increased compared with older animals. For in depth explanation visit
Circumcision relates to skin which is NOT similar to a dog's tail. Hospital circumcision is now performed with anaesthesia as are hospital operations on neonates. (Docking refers to dogs' tails; cropping refers to dogs' ears).

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/12/2009 11:27:07 PM

I think that cropping and docking body parts is unnecessary torture even if performed by a vet. If it is going to continue I don't see why people can't do it themselves. What's next? Stopping farmers from docking their sheep's tails? And dehorning?


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lk   n haven, CT

3/12/2009 9:38:26 PM

i like the ears natural

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julie   lewiston, ME

3/12/2009 5:45:45 PM

I don't like the idea of ear cropping either.

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S   3 Oaks, MI

3/12/2009 4:59:53 PM

I don't like the idea of ear cropping or tail docking. I think, however, it definitely should be mandatory that it's done by a lic vet, of
People will do it anyway, it's better if a professional does it!

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Logan   Bakersfield, CA

3/12/2009 4:10:45 PM

come on guys,ear cropping is done under anestia and i think the same way like the AKC" “recognizes that ear cropping, tail docking, and dewclaw removal, as described in certain breed standards, are acceptable practices integral to defining and preserving breed character and/or enhancing good health. Appropriate veterinary care should be provided.”i have a doberman and his tail is done and he'll get his ears done too.i think everybody should make his own decision and not let someone tell you what to do,but sure you should let it done from a good vet.i hope the law don't get through.

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bertha   SAN DIEGO, CA

3/12/2009 2:37:56 PM

we are who we are..... other countries have different rules and we have accepted them too...


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Liza   Grand Bay-Westfield, NB

3/12/2009 12:57:37 PM

It makes me happy and sad at the same time to think that some governments are taking animal cruelty seriously while our Canadian government has laughable laws that are outdated and not easy to enforce.

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Michele   Freeport, IL

3/12/2009 11:53:20 AM

I used to work in a pet store that sold puppies before this was illegal in NYC.I cannot explain how much pain these puppies go through.They are sore and sick for three days and are extremely prone to infection.I really hope this bill does pass now that I live in Illinois.It will surely be better for the dogs that way.

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madie   greensboro, NC

3/12/2009 11:39:46 AM

ear cropping looks painful

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Danielle   Kalamazoo, MI

3/12/2009 11:26:01 AM

I completely agree with banning ear cropping unless it's for the health of the dog, but tail cropping really isn't that cruel to a dog. It's done within the first 48 hours of the dogs birth and can be compared to circumcision of baby boys as far as the pain. The puppies hardly even yelp and don't even notice it after a day.

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Donna   Limington, ME

3/12/2009 10:25:55 AM

I am opposed to ear and tail cropping, although 8 years ago, I picked out my JRT and her tail was already done, if I have another one, I would request it not to be done.

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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

3/12/2009 10:06:15 AM

I am glad this was passed, b/c I do think the puppies feel pain. I have an "undocked" Brussels Griffon and she's just as cute as the ones with their ears standing up.

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Patty   Cherryville, NC

3/12/2009 9:38:33 AM

Having worked for a small animal vet for 5 years, and holding many dobe, boxer ,and other tail dock breeds, I can assure you the puppies DO feel pain, not to mention the trauma to the dam, listening to her babies scream! As far as comparing it to plastic surgery in humans, the human makes that choice, the puppies don`t have that option!

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D   Indy, IN

3/12/2009 5:59:16 AM

I'm not sure what I think about it, but the bill says,"motivated by prolonging or causing more pain, sufferin, or agony". I don't believe people are "motivated" by causing pain and agony----they just are to wrapped up in how the animal looks to actually care. It's really no different than plastic surgery and look at how many people do that to themselves.

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Megan Riley   New Springfield, OH

3/12/2009 5:53:54 AM

Tail docking doesn't hurt the dog at all. They crop the tails when the puppy is so young that they don't feel pain. If they were to outlaw ear cropping it would be very hard for breeders because for years they have been perfecting breeding so that dogs ears stand up easier once they're cropped. I don't agree with this. I have a Boxer that has had both her tail and ears cropped.

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karen   little rock, AR

3/12/2009 5:40:01 AM

How is this torture when tail docks and ear cropping within 3 days a pup is born has no feelings yet per my vet for my dogs.(never had this done)then after 3 days they are under anesthesia for the procedure.Not really sure what to think.

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