Comments on Guide Dogs Inspire Paula Abdul to Join Campaign

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Karen   Sheridan, WY

4/21/2011 9:42:34 PM

I am glad she has committed herself to raising money and such for Guide Dogs for the Blind, but there is a need for help for other assistance dog (service dogs) training and support also. I wish more people would help

thank you

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Kelsey   LA, CA

4/11/2009 8:31:56 PM

She has put an inspiration upon me to want to do more for others. That is just what i am gonna do whenever the first chance comes along.

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Annie   Miami, FL

4/11/2009 2:38:35 PM

Paula is suxh an awesome person. She has a wonderful heart. Love her! She is the right person for this campaign.

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Alina   Vero Beach, FL

3/29/2009 1:42:53 PM

That is good. People do need to become more aware of guide dogs.

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Jennifer   madras, OR

3/29/2009 12:06:13 PM

awsome. My daughter wants to do a guide dog project for 4-h.


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D   Indy, IN

3/29/2009 5:18:18 AM


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mel   la, CA

3/29/2009 4:56:55 AM

Go Paula!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

3/28/2009 11:39:12 PM

Good for her.

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aischa   shamokin, PA

3/28/2009 10:36:32 PM

good article thats nice for her to help out for dogs cool

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Karen   Standish, ME

3/28/2009 10:14:56 PM

A great cause to raise money and awareness!


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l   n h, CT

3/28/2009 8:06:39 PM


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Apollo   Bakersfield, CA

3/28/2009 1:54:07 PM

thats awsome.great job on both

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S   3 Oaks, MI

3/28/2009 1:25:22 PM

This is really wonderful!!

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Jenn   Wheaton, IL

3/28/2009 11:12:42 AM


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Michele   Freeport, IL

3/28/2009 10:00:53 AM

Much thanks to Dick and Paula as well as all the organizations that are participating in this event.

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julie   lewiston, ME

3/28/2009 8:32:00 AM

Awesome idea. I hope they can raise more awareness of guide dogs.
Thank you Paula and Dick.

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connie   Chicago, IL

3/28/2009 8:25:43 AM

I have a neighbor who is blind and has a guide dog, it really changed her life completely when she got the dog. I think this is great that she is doing this. I shop at petco so I'm glad they are doing this with paula

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madie   greensboro, NC

3/28/2009 5:38:27 AM

good ideas

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karen   little rock, AR

3/28/2009 4:04:03 AM

That's great.Would'nt it be awesome if more stars (with money to spare) would donate time or cash?

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