Comments on Mobile Groomers Aim to Boost Dog Adoptions

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jacki   lv, NV

9/27/2009 9:03:35 PM


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Sue   Glendale, AZ

9/26/2009 3:17:39 PM

Great idea!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

9/24/2009 10:57:11 PM

This is really great.

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Joshua   Portland, OR

9/24/2009 6:01:45 PM

Wow! This is awesome! You know, I wish I could be a part of this. I'm a junior handler who knows how to groom dogs VERY well. I admit I'm not as good as a professional, but I'm very talented. Too bad I can't participate. :( Anyway, GO GROOMERS!

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S   3 Oaks, MI

9/24/2009 4:51:59 PM

WOW!! This is really a caring, generous way to help the furries. Yea!!


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goneGROOMING   Fort Lauderdale, FL

9/24/2009 2:16:51 PM

Wuv it!

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Bobbi   SF, CA

9/24/2009 9:49:29 AM

How wonderful!

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JamieLyn   Howell, NJ

9/24/2009 8:16:52 AM

This is great. It's nice that people will lend a hand to trying to get every animal a home.

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D   Indy, IN

9/24/2009 6:46:16 AM


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karen   little rock, AR

9/24/2009 5:58:29 AM

great idea!There a couple of rescue groups that do that here in arkansas.


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Catherine   Levittown, PA

9/24/2009 12:22:13 AM

I think this article is exellent, but since I do not own a grooming van, I would sincerely like to know how I can help all dogs get possibly adopted. This is an issue close to my heart, so please email me. Let me know (other than donations at this time, not able)any way I can help homeless dogs or cats. Sincerely, Catherine Miele

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