Comments on Alien Invasion: Parasites and Your Dog

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janet   bethlehem, PA

11/6/2009 4:37:32 AM

good article thank you

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Cindy   Johnstown, PA

11/5/2009 10:13:39 AM

Great article, however, I would have liked to see some information on the TICK. Even with faithful use of Frontline Plus for fleas, flea eggs, ticks & chewing lice, my Bichon Frise ends up with Ticks. He is fine during the so called hot months of May, June & July, but had one in March & now 2 in Oct. I had taken a very small one off him that was dead & hadn't attached anywhere, but then one attached above his right eye & a week later one above the left eye. HELP! Please right an informative article about the dreaded TICKS.

Thank you

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Bill   Garrett, IN

11/5/2009 6:34:40 AM

Wonderful-well written and organized! Very informative and thorough, without giving alot of technical terms that lay-people don't get. Excellent article!

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Carol   Penngrove, CA

11/4/2009 7:40:04 PM

Thank You for providing this information on parasites. It was very helpful!

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