Comments on Bulldog Wins First VPI Hambone Award

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June   Tucson, AZ

11/10/2009 5:12:54 PM

What a dog! I'm sure there are even more unusual thing dogs have eaten (like cell phones)just that the owners don't have pet insurance. So we'll never hear about those

I guess I shouldn't complain about my dog eating paper money. At least he doesn't end up in the operating room!

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JD   Portland, OR

11/10/2009 6:52:37 AM

Silly Boy!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

11/9/2009 10:25:31 PM

I guess if your dog dies they don't want to hear about it. No Darwin awards here.

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sk   nh, CT

11/9/2009 7:32:11 PM


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michelle   rockford, IL

11/9/2009 5:35:46 PM

I didnt know there were contests like this!!


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S   Three Oaks, MI

11/9/2009 4:31:42 PM

"Crazy dog"!!!!!!!!!!

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Jerrie   SF, CA

11/9/2009 7:00:37 AM

Congratulations LuLu!

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karen   little rock, AR

11/9/2009 4:08:55 AM

this dog is so lucky!!--I know alot of people who use this ins co.

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