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Ellen   Basking Ridge, New Jersey

1/14/2014 10:18:43 AM

Equine Organix is a company that has an amazing Organic Chamomile & Olive Oil Dog Shampoo... that is pH-balanced specifically for dogs! Great for sensitive skin and it won't dry the coat, so is perfect for repeat washings. I love that it comes in a large bottle and also in a single-wash packet for

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

9/10/2011 5:57:04 AM

good article, thanks

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Kendra   San Francisco, CA

4/20/2010 6:31:55 PM

I found the O my dog organic care products on a Facebook friends page. I bought the lavender shampoo along with the spray. AMAZING! The wash is definately different and the scent lasted for days. I use the spray on my kids when I picked them up from Soccer. Great products for dogs and humans.

The page is

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christian   laguna beach, CA

4/20/2010 12:19:38 AM

So glad to see the pet industry has natural and organic products available that are usda certified!!! i found a line called o my dog!organic care and bingo!!Not the dog, the products! They rock! totally organic. their shampoos have all the ingredients you listed.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

4/19/2010 10:23:12 PM

Good advice.


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lala   salinas, CA

4/19/2010 8:37:16 PM

I wish my muffin would let me brush her teeth

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

4/19/2010 6:36:54 PM

Thanks for the tips!

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Sue   Three Oaks, MI

4/19/2010 3:54:10 PM

good tips

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Candy   Tucson, AZ

4/19/2010 10:48:28 AM

Good tips.

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Tommy   Pocatello, ID

4/19/2010 9:06:02 AM

good info thank you so much


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