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Carol   Franklin, MA

1/6/2012 8:54:50 AM

Hi I just picked up your "Boxers" addition Vol. 11 2nd Edition and love it! On the editors page in the front of the magazine there is an adorable picture of a brindle boxer wearing a FANTASTIC collar!!! Where can I buy one? I have searched the net and nothing even comes close to it. Please advise. Thanks so much..... I have two boxers that would love to wear one just like the one in your magazine!

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DC web editor   Irvine, CA

7/12/2011 11:12:19 AM


The “Popular Dogs: Boxers” team shares your affection for white Boxers, and the issue includes information about them on page 71.

We don’t adhere to any stereotypes about certain breeds, and the issue says nothing disrespectful about white Boxers. Because the breed standard created by American Kennel Club says fawn and brindle are the only acceptable colors, consider contacting AKC to share your concerns:

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Justin   Kalamazoo, MI

7/9/2011 8:39:31 AM

My boxer is one of the sweetest dogs so and I was thrilled to see this magazine at my local petstore. However, I was very disappointed to find zero pics or articles of white boxers like my little guy. I find it very disturbing that a magizine such as yours is continuing the stereotype that white boxers are mistakes and should not be recognized. They may not meet the breed standard but that is nothing more than a made up human definition. I encourage all boxer owners to boycot this publication and company till they give our favorite breed the true respect it deserves.

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Sherri   Albany, OR

12/30/2010 7:16:28 AM

How do I submit a photo of my Boxers for the "Popular Dog Series" photo page at the back of the magazine

Sherri Wallman

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John Carr   Speedway,46224, IN

12/18/2010 10:55:44 AM

I did not know what I did not know! Before buying this magazine, it has helped me be a better owner and pal to my boxer Marley! I’m glad I took the time to buy and sit down with Boxers.


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Sara   Indianapolis, IN

5/18/2010 6:44:46 PM

Ive got two boxers. a boy named Tyson and a girl named Princess. i absolutely love them! They are truely a great breed of dogs. not only are they playfull but also very loyal. and to add to it there are very intellegent. maybe i spoil them to much but i cant help it cause i love them so much. if somebody was looking for a beautifull energetic breed them i would definitly recomend a boxer!

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