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Vickie   Lawton, OK

5/12/2011 6:23:42 AM

I work in a municipal building Oklahoma. We have the worse animal care in the US. They do nothing - it is easier to put them down than to pay the expense of getting them ready for adoption. The pounds here are horrible and a lot of people don't even know that some of the pounds exist. I have been trying to put forth a huge effort on working with some no kill rescue shelters to take these animals before they are killed. It is sad and it breaks my heart to see them that given a chance. People are so easy to say I don't want it, take it back it's not a good dog, or the best one "it's a puppy and it keeps peeing on the floor". Did you not think about that before you decided to get a puppy. It is so aggravating plus dealing with the people that work in the city that really don't care in the first place. I wish the Oklahoma laws would change because our percentage of putting down is about 80% just because they say so!

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Valerie   Las Vegas, NV

11/2/2010 11:00:21 AM

This is great! Two days ago,I adopted my second dog off the streets. She is a tiny Terrier mix. So cute!! My older dog and her aren't the best of friends, but it's ok.

Always adopt, my friends. The shelter and stray dogs deserve homes!

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Tang   any, NL

10/23/2010 7:50:47 PM

i wish to adopt few more dogs,any kind of dogs,but i'm in
is it posibble ?,, my email is

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bev   las vegas, NV

10/21/2010 5:41:08 PM

I ONLY adopt shelter dogs. Preferably, the older large breeds. They have always been absolutely wonderful!At least I know they will live their twilight years in love and comfort.I'm the lucky one!

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

10/5/2010 7:48:08 PM

Yay for shelter dogs!


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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

10/4/2010 11:17:34 PM

I wish I could take another dog.

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Meredith   Elkton, MA

10/4/2010 1:16:07 PM

How do I find a dog to adopt. I live in Elkton MA. Is there a fee? I have a two year old Golden Ret. and he needs a buddy since my other Golden Casey
Thank you.

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Dawn   gatlinburg, TN

10/4/2010 10:51:18 AM

I have 14 wonderful shelter dogs that do all sorts of great tricks and act as advocates for their fellow canine rescues.. check them
join our mission to help other animals

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Ashley   Cosby, TN

10/4/2010 8:08:11 AM

Shelter dogs are the best!!

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Carol   Silver Spring, MD

10/4/2010 6:54:08 AM

All my dogs have been shelter dogs. They rock! So demoralizing that there continues to be so many. We've got to keep on educating people. Spay, neuter and adopt!


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