Comments on Trauma Can Cause PTSD in Dogs

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Tommy   Pocatello, ID

11/3/2010 10:44:22 AM

I know thats true i ghot 3 rescue dogs and 2 of them had PTSD, unfortunatly not from one event but from years of abuse. but there in good a home now

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Ashley   Cosby, TN

11/3/2010 6:45:42 AM


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TC   Houston, TX

11/3/2010 12:03:12 AM

Interesting! TY!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

11/2/2010 10:48:38 PM

Oh yes, animals most certainly suffer from the affects of trauma. Smarter animals seem to be more prone and the affects can easily last a lifetime.

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Joy   Odenton, MD

11/2/2010 9:30:02 AM

When I adopted Lily from a rescue I could have sworn she was suffering from PTSD. It took almost 2 years for this little dog to finally walk around and wag her tail. I don't know what she went thru but it must have been very significant. Good info!


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Terry   Houston, TX

11/2/2010 4:30:20 AM

Great info!

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