Comments on Exclusive Interview With Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell

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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

7/21/2013 11:18:36 AM

Good interview. Good article.

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Kris   Rockford, IL

2/2/2011 7:56:43 PM

I love watching Victoria Stilwell on IMOTD. I enjoy the dog training tips, but more than that, I enjoy that it is a show I can watch WITH my kids and have a great conversation about the content. My 7yr old has decided she wants to be a vet and trainer after watching Victoria. She has also decided she is in "true love" with Victoria. Needless to say, we never miss a show!

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Pat   St. Petersburg, FL

1/21/2011 11:17:44 AM

I have watched Victoria's shows for quite a while, including the English version. She inspired me to become a positive reinforcement dog trainer. I wish dog trainers were regulated. My heart is sick at how many "trainers" out there use dominence and training collars. I am upset at how many people are lazy want the "quick fix" instead of spending the time to train their dog properly. Bravo Victoria, you are a shining example of how to take care of our best friends.

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sherry   madison heights, MI

1/9/2011 7:01:20 PM

all my friends watch Victoria's show.She is a
inspiration to train a dog. I have one very
poodle/jack russel who after going to obiedience classes and not doing well to an agility
he adores. She has taught me so many things
the care and relationship with my pets. I can
say I enjoy every minute with my pets.

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Alexis Reeves   Mountain View, CA

1/8/2011 5:41:32 PM

I have never seen the program but I will be sure to look for it. It sounds very interesting. I have always had a way with beasts of all species and love the canine the most. I agree with Victoria, dominance training can be dangerous. I have never used such training techniques and yet my canine buddies have always been impressively behaved. Love is all you need, all in the right places and times. Study your buddy and understand then act accordingly. Great article!


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Frances   Florida, MA

1/8/2011 3:19:42 PM

What a great interview. I have been watching Victoria since she first appeared on TV. The information in this article was thought-provoking and lets us know where Victoria is coming from Sure wish we could get some one-on-one with her for our rescue dog who came with many problems we've never encountered. Keep up the good work, Victoria, our pets are counting on you!

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Kate   Dale, MI

1/6/2011 5:50:19 PM

Love the article

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Mimi   Joliet, IL

1/6/2011 3:13:35 PM

I watch her show on TV and am amazed at how well she understands what is going on with the dogs and their families. I wish she could help me with my dog. She is a Labradoodle 1 1/2 years old who is mostly with me, senior citizen, and jumps on anyone who comes into our home. I love her very much. She doesn't do this to me however she behaves very well when we are alone.

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

1/5/2011 6:36:23 PM

LOVE her! Her show helped me train my Pom!

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

1/4/2011 11:03:56 PM

Victoria is absolutely my favourite trainer. Thanks for the interview.


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Kiki   Naperville, IL

1/4/2011 5:32:39 PM

Not only is this a great article but Victoria is seriously such a wonderful trainer. If you've never seen the show I highly recommend it. Watching Victoria Stilwell's shwo and reading Pat Miller (another positive trainer) really opens up the wonderful possiblities of positive dog training.


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momo   anaheim, CA

1/4/2011 12:18:17 PM

Great article.

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Ashley   Cosby, TN

1/4/2011 8:01:21 AM

Great article!

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Terry   Houston, TX

1/4/2011 1:22:58 AM


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