Comments on Scottish Deerhound Triumphs on Night Two

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Christine   Bolingbrook, IL

2/24/2011 12:24:16 PM

I'm glad the Scottish Deerhound won! I was rooting for the Deerhound, the Fox Terrier, or the Shar Pei to win :)I was also happy for her to win because she was retiring after this show.

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k   i, AK

2/20/2011 11:38:48 PM


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Sue   Three Oaks, MI

2/19/2011 2:14:40 PM

All were really cool dogs. Good competition!

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E.S.   W., WI

2/18/2011 11:48:22 AM

Wow! Good job "Hickory." That is a really big deal. I agree, he looks so elegant when she trots. Congratulations to Hickory's owner - what an accomplishment!

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Carole   Sunrise, FL

2/17/2011 5:55:58 PM

"Hickory" was just elegant in the way she
You might not expect this in the Hound Group.


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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

2/16/2011 11:48:08 PM

Wow, what a great victory for the deer hound!

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Chris   Niagara Falls, ON

2/16/2011 7:26:59 PM

Couldn't be happier to see the black cocker spaniel take a win.

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Carol   Silver Spring, MD

2/16/2011 12:19:58 PM

Let's hear it for the hounds! A win at long last.

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