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santa cruz dog lovers   santa cruz, California

11/6/2012 9:43:25 AM

im sorry that you have found santa cruz to not be dog friendly, but alot of your information is incorrect. to name at least 5 hotels that allow dogs, ocean pacific lodge, seaway inn, ocean echo inn, pelican point inn, edgewater beach motel, ok ill keep going...aqua breeze, harbor inn, knights inn, sunny cove motel, west cliff inn...ok you get the point. furthermore, while dogs are not allowed on natural bridges state beach, they are allowed on leash at nearly every other state beach in the santa cruz area. as for city beaches they are allowed at rio del mar, seabright, twin lakes (on leash) "its" beach near the lighthouse on west cliff drive as well as mitchells cove beach, at west cliff and almar. dogs are also allowed downtown, just not in packs of more then 3 and they cannot be tied up to a post while you go on a shopping spree because we love dogs and they should not have to be tied to a pole in the hot sun or cold rain, nor can they be left helpless inside your vehicle. also, they said that a big reason santa cruz was named was because of high spay and neuter and adoption rates which are something for us to be proud of. for hiking, dogs can go to designated areas of the pogonip (not on ucsc campus though) henry cowell and niscene marks. a great way to help you plan a dog friendly trip to santa cruz is to contact the santa cruz visitor center, they have handouts on planning a dog friendly vacation that were very helpful.

so please next time your going top try to bash our wonderful city do some better
sincerely, santa cruz dog lovers

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Dog   DogHate, Massachusetts

10/24/2012 9:57:07 PM

You people are really pathetic. Dogs aren't people, they're animals. I was thinking to relocate to Coeur d’Alene - now I know to avoid it.

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Lena   Mtn.View, CA

8/23/2011 8:41:33 PM

How in the world could you name Santa Cruz ,CA a dog friendly city. There are NO beaches were dogs are allowed,on or off leash. The beachside park has been closed to dogs. Dogs are not allowed in the main downtown shopping area. Only 2 hotels accept dogs and there are only 2 restaurants that allow dogs in their outdoor seating area. Your nomination will mislead people to visit Santa Cruz with their best friends, only to find that their pets are not allowed anywhere. (The beach ban is strictly enforced, fines are given.

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