Comments on Cesar Millan’s Summer Dog Safety Tips

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Lynn   Temecula, CA

7/29/2008 9:16:44 AM

Cezar, I just love watching your show. There should be more interesting & educational programs on TV, especially about dogs. You are original! Almost every house in my neighborhood has at least one dog. Americans love dogs & need to become more informed about their care and what type of dog every family should have, not what kind of dog they want. I've learned a few, real important facts about my dog since you came into our home and I thank you very much. You've enriched my life and Meisha's (my precious little Pekingnese).

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Catherine   Newark, DE

7/24/2008 7:58:46 PM

Thank you for your summer tips, especially about the one don not keep dogs in the car on hot days, even with the windows down. I had a neighbor that kept their dogs in a parked van in the hot summer days. I had to get the police to talk to them and got verbally abused about what I did. People don't seem to care about thier pets at times and I feel sad and upset about

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Sharyn   Palm Springs, CA

7/23/2008 12:02:16 AM

Casear's tips for keeping your dog cool during the hot summertime were excellent and even creative. Most importantly, his tip about not leaving your dog in a hot car is more of a lifesaving admonition. I reside in the California desert community of Palm Springs where temperatures can soar into triple digits. Because of the " dry heat" many underestimate how quickly temperatures rise in a parked car. Cracking the windows will not prevent the potentially deadly heat from entering the vehicle and smothering your beloved and helpless dog. It is now a ticketed offense, and something both law enforcement and an increasingly knowledgeable and caring

Public are on the lookout for. Thank you Caesar for this lifesaving reminder.

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heather   clayton, OH

7/14/2008 6:54:25 AM

i think that was vary good and "cool" thanks,

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chris   glendale, AZ

7/13/2008 10:43:57 PM

great keep up the good work


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Helen   Williston, TN

7/10/2008 6:23:59 AM

I think this could help dog owns no what to do with other dog if it does get to hot and can't get cooler . It gave me some good tips . I wish I had some other tips from Cesar Millan

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Anne   Richmond, VA

7/9/2008 11:23:04 AM

Very good tips! As always, I have great respect for Cesar's knowledge of doggie things.

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em   Barnstable, MA

7/9/2008 5:13:31 AM

Really helpful tips. I will definatly keep these in mind!

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Christy   Covina, CA

7/16/2007 5:46:08 PM

Good ideas!

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Sandi   Lake milton, OH

7/16/2007 6:34:33 AM

Such good things to do for your pet. I stress this all the time to people who leave there pets outside. To keep them cool and lots of water.


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Linda   Casselberry, FL

7/16/2007 4:54:51 AM

I love Cesar Millan! He truly is in tune with dogs and nature. I've applied much of his dog psychology to my dogs and it works! So, stay "Calm and Assertive." Thank YOU for having CM join your website!...Linda

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Debra   Phila, PA

7/16/2007 4:27:38 AM

Appreciate the advice.Thank you.

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megan   frazeysburg, OH

7/12/2007 9:15:39 AM

thanks for the tips

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Sarah   Alden, NY

7/12/2007 8:38:12 AM

Good advice

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