Comments on Rainy Day Fun For Your Dog

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dmdifalco   Fort Gratiot, MI

2/24/2015 2:54:50 PM

Great ideas, we can use now in Michigan with this cold weather

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Kyla   Greensboro, North Carolina

12/19/2014 7:55:43 AM

my little one loves hide and seek, and a new game called "find the treat". we started easy with just leaving it out somewhere in the room, but now she is so good at it that we hide them under blankets and boxes and things :)

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Lalalita   warren, MI

10/12/2014 9:49:02 AM

Sounds fun and can't wait to try this!

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

8/21/2014 9:00:45 AM

We are a little crazy and love lots of activity so we play indoor soccer.

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Jackie   Cedar falls, Iowa

11/9/2013 5:07:43 AM

our version of hide and seek is pretty fun, too. Put the dogs in a sit/stay and hide somewhere out of sight. Release them and see who finds you first.


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Averyisbeast   Fort Myers,

7/30/2013 5:39:04 AM

This is really helpful! Thank you! What my dog did was sit on my lap while i watched T.V. Thanks again! :)

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WhiteWolfKR   Capreol, ON

7/11/2013 3:02:28 PM

These sound like great ideas! :)

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Gwen   Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

4/15/2013 7:41:11 PM

Another game for the furkids involves putting a treat or favorite toy underneath an upside down laundry basket. They have to figure out how to tip up the basket to get the treat. Especially fun to watch on a hard floor instead of carpet!

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liantsim   Waterloo, IA

2/13/2013 7:05:18 PM

Such cool ideas. Love them.

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skiw9748   Hartford, AL

11/22/2012 8:10:04 AM

2458881 - Thanks, this will help !


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Selissa - 216807   New braunfels, TX

11/2/2012 8:06:17 PM

cool, its been raining all day, thanks for the advice!!

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Sarah - 243618   Port Charlotte, FL

11/2/2012 8:47:21 AM

One can never have enough games to play with their dog and challenge their minds. Thanks Dog Channel.

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Madison   Pewamo, MI

11/11/2011 9:18:45 AM

Cool! I'll be sure to try these out.

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Galadriel   Lothlorien, ME

11/2/2011 11:40:56 PM

It doesn't rain much here but when it does my dog sleeps a lot and then we go for a long walk in the rain! She really doesn't mind once we get going.

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Stephanie   North Canton, OH

11/2/2011 6:57:55 PM

Awesome! Thanks!

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Joy   Columbia, SC

11/1/2011 8:01:08 PM

I love the idea of playing board and card games with my dog! How Neat!!!!! I'm definitely going to find out where to buy these! All of the "rainy day ideas" were great!

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