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Dorothea   Corinth, Texas

2/25/2015 8:50:13 PM

I meant eggplant (not zucchini). But they eat cooked zucchini too.

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Dorothea   Corinth, Texas

2/25/2015 8:46:37 PM

Ripe potatoes are not poisonous to dogs (or people) and sweet and regular potatoes are part of many commercial dog foods. Nightshade vegetables including tomatoes and zuchini are not poisonous to dogs. My dogs love mashed potatoes, stews and quiches with potatoes and greens. They love baked sweet potatoes which make a sweet treat. Vegetables are now a big part of their diets in lieu of commercial (toxic) dried kibble. Adult house dogs only need about 20% protein.

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barbara   Shawnee, Kansas

1/18/2015 6:26:26 PM

Are turnips safe for dogs?

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DCWebEditor   irvine, California

10/8/2014 2:28:25 PM

@Suzann - Ripe potatoes are safe for dogs, they are used in many commercial dog foods and considered an acceptable treat by the ASPCA. Dogs should never be feed green potatoes or any other part of the plant as those portions of the plant are toxic. As with any treat you should always check with your vet before introducing a new food.

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Suzann   University City, Missouri

10/7/2014 1:17:30 AM

Dogs can't eat potatoes, potatoes are nightshades and nightshades are POISONOUS to dogs.


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Tammy   olivet, Michigan

10/2/2014 11:40:31 AM

Do you have to cook the vegetables. My dog loves raw beans, carrots and potato.

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Mary   Denver, Colorado

8/20/2014 3:56:17 PM

a dog magazine says broccoli is NOT has great benefits and nothing in it is toxic to dogs...especially if cauliflower isn't toxic

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Michelle   McKinney, Texas

5/6/2014 8:34:36 PM

Voula, broccoli is ok for dogs, as long as it's not fed as more than 10% of the dog's diet.

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darlene - 297648   

5/2/2014 6:54:33 PM

Never thought of sweet potatoes for my crew.. thank you for this column !

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Voula   Phoenix, Arizona

2/10/2014 7:11:53 AM

every other site says that BROCCOLI is toxic and that scares me when there is conflicting info....


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Erin   Hamilton, International

11/28/2013 4:21:30 PM

My dog LOVES carrots but I have to shred them. I serve them raw, I haven't tried giving them to her cooked but I will.

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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

9/27/2013 5:11:53 AM

My dog loves all these veggies. I have always given her fresh veggies and fresh fruit that is safe for dogs to have.

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Sierra   LOUISVILLE, Kentucky

8/3/2013 10:00:53 PM

My dog does NOT like her veggies, i'ma give these a try. Maybe she will love it, dont know. :)

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BusyMama   Tampa, FL

7/26/2013 4:46:58 AM

Thanks for the info. I will give some of these veggies a try to add a little something extra and special.

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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

7/8/2013 11:48:18 PM

I'll show this list to my dog and see what she

She does not like her veggies!

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player   Anaheim, CA

7/2/2013 1:13:58 AM

nice to know

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Shawn   New Orleans, Louisiana

6/19/2013 10:45:27 AM

And yet I read another article that states in large portions, broccoli can be lethal to

"The amount of broccoli that your dog can consume without experiencing any negative side effects specifically depends on the size of your dog. One piece of broccoli to a Labrador might be fine, but could be potentially deadly to a pint-sized dog such as a Chihuahua. It has been determined that your dog can have some broccoli as long as it accounts for less than 5% of their daily food intake. Any more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet can cause serious stomach problems and can be fatal if it makes up more than 25%.
" at-broccoli

How can it be so difficult to feed a dog without making dog food companies rich for feeding our dogs garbage?

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Stephanie - 141730   North Canton, OH

5/13/2013 7:02:28 PM

Thanks for the info! Mine LOVES carrots :)

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Lori - 229992   Soldotna, AK

3/25/2013 4:24:12 PM

My dog,Pez loves carrots!

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liantsim   Waterloo, IA

2/2/2013 6:55:58 AM

Dehydrated sweet potato is the best. My dog loves that.

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