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heather   toronto, International

10/28/2014 8:06:39 AM

Nice to see a picture of a cocker spaniel They don't show many cockers anymore All Labs and Golden Retrievers Of course I have a cocker and he loves pumpkin He gets it as a treat every day 1 tbsp,

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Karen   Pensacola, Florida

6/18/2014 10:45:36 AM

I read it is good to feed pumpkin to your dog if has a nasty habit of eating his feces. I feed him 2 tablespoons a day and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!

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jaelyn   Marengo, WI

12/1/2013 12:28:45 AM

My dog loves pumpkin :)

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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

11/20/2013 11:49:41 PM

Great tips. I love pumpkin!


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Lori - 229992   Soldotna, AK

11/11/2013 5:50:06 PM

My Chihuahua is overweight cant wait to get him on the pumpkin!

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Samantha - 121992   Howard Lake, MN

7/8/2013 7:34:50 AM

Pumpkin really is great! We always keep a few cans in the cupboard for the dogs!

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Mary - 174526   Bradenton, FL

3/5/2013 6:57:26 PM

My dog loves the taste of pumpkin in her food. I did not know about losing weight. I will try as she is overweight.

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Diane - 1088   Hillsborough, NJ

2/22/2013 9:00:46 AM

My Vet recommended this. Sometimes it is hard to find the pure pumpkin in the can. I make a homemade meatloaf for the pups each week with diced carrots, fiji apples, spinach, mashed peas and I have used mashed yams instead of the pumpkin, oatmeal, egg, cheddar cheese. Turkey or beef ground up. I found a recipe like this but using rice in the Prevention mag decades ago when I had a poodle having problems. I told the vet what I was using and she said I have only question; When is dinner? My pets and I are coming. She also gave me recipes I could use. My one pup died from the Melamine the Chinese added to the gravy in the dog food. That was the day I said now they get homemade food.

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Sheila   pgh., Pennsylvania

2/7/2013 3:42:30 PM

wow, never knew that! I've worked at kennels and dog sit. I need to have my dog on a diet, now I'm going to try that! I feed two dogs at somebody's home and I have to put pumpkin in their food, now I know why!


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Cindy Dingell   Trenton, Michigan

2/7/2013 12:11:55 PM

My dogs have each lost 10 pounds by reducing kibble and using plain canned pumpkin as the filler.

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belinda - 48278   salinas, CA

1/27/2013 12:15:00 AM

i for sure will try this.

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liantsim   Waterloo, IA

1/20/2013 6:50:43 AM

I'm going to try pumpkin since I'm switching my dog over to a new food. Thanks for the information, DC!

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Chris   Chandler, Arizona

1/15/2013 11:15:06 AM

I adopted a Shiba Inu that had stomach issues that the previous pet owner could not deal with! I mixed pumpkin puree with his dry kibble and in a week he was fine!

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bonnie   bradenton, Florida

1/12/2013 10:25:05 AM

Great idea. and it works.

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lori   conway sc., South Carolina

1/9/2013 5:46:14 PM

i am saleing my boxer puppies

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player   Anaheim, CA

12/30/2012 10:31:15 PM


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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

12/29/2012 11:40:28 PM

I think I'm in pumpkin overload. Just finished two days of roasting, blending, cooking, and eating 100-200 lbs of pumpkins.

Still love them though and so do the dogs.

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DCWebEditor   Irvine, California

12/26/2012 10:39:51 AM

@Kathleen - Pumpkin can help with both constipation and diarrhea, however as with introducing any new food, your dogs stomach might not react as expected immediately. It will also depend on what is causing your dog's diarrhea as the pumpkin will not treat underlying medical conditions. If your dog's stomach issues persist, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian.

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Kathleen   Henderson, Nevada

12/24/2012 9:34:26 AM

Pumpkin did not help my lab with his diarrhea. I was told (somewhere) that it would. I think it made the condition worse. Now I read it's good for constipation. Hm... What to believe.

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