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Rachael   DC, Washington

3/28/2013 1:31:03 PM

I think we can ignore the bad things the AKC has done, since everyone appears to be ignoring the bad things that all of the animal rights groups who are attacking them, have done, and the bad things some shelters have done, some rescues, and some vet's have done; you know, where dogs actually died? Were put down for no reason? Were killed over money? But thats all ok, because the activist groups are all for the animal. NOT...Im sorry, The AKC supports proper breeding and health, they can not stop idiots or catch all the rule breakers. They also support the right for a dog to be able to breed, where most people now a days seemed convinced that humans are the only species allowed to have children. Nothing is wrong with breeding, nothing is wrong with nature, but according to the activist groups spay and neuter until there all gone...They also support a persons right to have a dog and form tighter bonds with your animal, where activist groups see domestication as slavery. Do they make mistakes? Yes, but until the day comes that the activist groups answer to there mistakes and there wrongdoings, why should anyone force the AKC to do so? And its also my understanding that the AKC is changing, where the activist groups aren't...

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Janet   Sumner, Washington

3/28/2013 8:54:37 AM

Really? THEY set the standards? You are so completely ignorant you make me laugh. The AKC sets NO STANDARDS! That is NOT THEIR JOB! Each breed has a parent club. The PARENT clubs write up their own standard and submit it to AKC. Judges READ the standard that the PARENT clubs write up and try, from that description, to get an idea of what the breed should look like and be capable of doing.And, if you actually looked at the HISTORY of the GSD and talked to the GSD community, they would tell you the GSD as a whole, is getting healthier since health testing is what GOOD breeders
Get a freaking clue and quit talking out your butt.

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Hailey   Colfax, California

3/20/2013 8:07:27 PM

So AKC is saying that since they do some good things we are supposed to ignore the bad things. Are we supposed to ignore their support of puppy mills and large volume breeders. Do their good deeds erase all of the pain, suffering, and death that puppy mill animals endure every single day. I don't think so. Take responsibility for your actions.

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jeanie   new orleans, Louisiana

3/20/2013 10:52:51 AM

The AKC lobbies, aggressively, against welfare laws that place limits on what dog owners can

Its "standards" have resulting in dogs, such as the German shepherd, that have major physical problems.

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