Comments on Study Documents Risks, Benefits of Dog Spay and Neuter

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Julian   Zionsville, Pennsylvania

4/30/2013 10:38:18 AM

This study is pseudo science. Not only is the sample biased, but it confounds accidental deaths associated with trauma with those resulting from increased incidence of illness or other causes directly health related. Whatever else the study shows, it does not show any causal relationship between trauma and whether an animal is spayed or neutered. Correlation may be interesting, but it is not the foundation of science-based conclusions.

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Melian and Tiny   E, CA

4/27/2013 11:26:32 PM

Interesting. But if they only studied sick

"The database sample was based on dogs referred to a veterinary teaching

then the research hardly seems accurate. There have also been studies that conclude the opposite, especially for females. Intact females live

I guess more research is needed.

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player   Anaheim, CA

4/23/2013 10:03:28 PM

good to know

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kathy - 209735   Tequesta, FL

4/21/2013 6:38:49 AM

I just lost my almost 3 yr old Portugese Water Dog to Lymphoma. She was spayed, had a clean bill of health in Nov 2012. She did not act sick except 2 wks before we found the cancer she was off her food. Took her to the vets he drew blood and gave her meds for a stomach upset. Sat back to the Vet drew more blood and xray abdomen, kidney slightly enlarged thought possibly UTI. Next day emergency room and then an internest where they did an ultrasound found the cancer in 3 places. How can this BE? The dog was still playing on FRI. Is this a result of spaying, heredity? The breeder has never had this happen nor the owner of the stud. I have her sister could this happen again? She is intact but will not be breed.Our whole family is heartbroken.

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